I have always been attracted by unique features about movie titles, particularly if it happens to be an English title for a non-English language movie. The subject under consideration thus evoked a lot of interest and more so because it came from the Karan Johar stable of Dharma Productions, although this movie is directed by Karan’s protégé, Punit Malhotra. Karan has been regularly launching new directors under his umbrella, but of the three or four odd attempts, only Tarun Mansukhani (of Dostana fame), has managed to provide us with an above average fare. Ayan Mukherji, who directed Wake Up Sid, comes in a close second.

I have suddenly realized that I have wandered away from where I started and this is what happens precisely in this movie.  But, first, the unique features of the title. This perhaps is the only movie which has an oxymoron in the title “Hate Luv” and also is the only movie where there has been such a sacrilegious effort to incorrectly spell the plural of story (presumably done to please the numerologists).

IHLS fails on several counts and more, particularly after the half way mark. The theme is not new and there are occasional flashes of different treatment which give us hope that perhaps the movie will redeem itself. But sadly, those interludes happen only in widely spaced intervals and the result is an amateurish production. A few laugh raising one-liners (He became blind after seeing “Black”) and refreshingly different situations (like, when the background commentary states that in normal movies, the reunion of the lovers is caused by one of the lovers running towards the airport, whereas here, the lover runs away from the airport for the reunion) wake us up, but very quickly, the movie returns to its lost tracks.

Imran Khan conducts himself fairly well, but his chocolaty face comes in the way of his effective portrayal of a guy who believes that love happens only in movies and not in real life. Sonam, seems to be third time unlucky after the Saawariya and Delhi 6 disasters. There is something awkward about her and despite displaying more assets than her contemporary actresses, fails to generate excitement. One can’t help getting a feeling that Ranbir and Katrina or Deepika would have added more zest to the movie. Everyone else puts in a pedestrian performance and Vishal-Shekhar’s music does not stay with you after you leave the auditorium.

To conclude, it would be unfair if one does not use oxymorons to sum up the movie: the director is clearly confused, the script is ordinarily different, the acting is interestingly lacklustre and the movie is worthy of being lovingly hated!

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A cheerful person who loves watching and reviewing movies and indulges in random writings!
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