A Radiant Morning

There are several things that go to make a radiant morning.
First things first…so when I got up around 5 in the morning, I think the die was cast for the day. Nothing is as refreshing as a brisk 40 minute walk which I went through as the sun was beginning to rise. The walking path in the Hay Al Rabba complex is dotted by date palms and the trees look beautiful with those brown bunches of dates hanging from them ready to be harvested. I hummed to myself: Pukarta chala hoon main, that famous number from the less famous movie of the sixties, Mere Sanam. And a little while later, my wife and I went to the old Shiva temple, said our prayers and descended on the South Indian eatery, Saravana Bhavan to have breakfast. We were at the restaurent before it had opened and so sitting in the car we meditated and when the doors opened, the aroma of fresh Sambar and South Indian coffee greeted our nostrils. The radiant experience continued when we made an unscheduled visit to a dear friend’s house and caught up with news about the lovely couple before their planned vacation in the US. And I was enjoying all this because today happens to be a holiday on account of Prophet Mohammed’s birthday! And here I am typing away to share with you all my radiant feeling!

About Vijay from Muscat

A cheerful person who loves watching and reviewing movies and indulges in random writings!
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4 Responses to A Radiant Morning

  1. Pooja says:

    very much the vijay uncle i know!! gre8 start to the blog writing!! welcome to the world of bloggers…all the best, why dont u put in some thoughts abt ur life!

  2. alka nanda says:

    it reminds me of the days when u use to sing this song in hyderabad.
    gud going ,keep writing.
    all the best.

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