Milenge Milenge is touted as a story which highlights the power of destiny in match making. Nothing wrong with that thought really; a number of people believe that marriage matches are made in heaven although they realize a lot later on that all the score settling matches are played out on the ground and that too perhaps not on level ground! Thus, Satish Kaushik, the director had the basic ingredients to make a good movie with this concept.

However, and this perhaps can also be linked with destiny, this movie appeared quite jinxed from the very beginning. Shooting for this movie started some five years back (to be honest, this does not look like a jaded production), the leading couple Shahid Kapoor and Kareena broke up in real life and added to that was plagued by several other problems. The release date kept getting postponed several times. And as if it were not enough, rumour has it that after the initial shooting in India and Dubai, the crew was supposed to shoot in Thailand, but the shooting got cancelled. On hindsight that cancellation can be seen as a blessing in disguise, because the hotel in which the crew was supposed to stay was washed away in the tsunami.

Anyone else would have given up, but if one has to pay a compliment to Boney Kapoor, then it must be for his never-say-die attitude. But the odds were heavily stacked against him. The movie has a concept, but no soul; it is about love, but there is no romance; it could have been a musical, but has Himesh Reshamayya’s music and the screenplay descends to utterly low depths of buffoonery (college guys dressing up as gals) and nobody seems to be trying hard enough. Satish Kaushik, who has given us an entertainer like Mr India sadly contributes nothing to pull the movie out of its helpless situation. The lead actors displayed such wonderful timing and chemistry in “Jab We Met”, but here are totally out of form. Even stellar performers like Kiron Kher and Satish Shah sleep walk through their roles.

 Milenge Milenge is an excellent example of an outdated production with a good plot but incredibly poor execution and therefore a fitting reply to Boney Kapoor’s creation would be: KABHI NAHI, KABHI NAHI!

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  1. Chaitanya Khimji says:

    Dear Vijay

    Many congratulations on starting a blog, it makes it slightly difficult for me to access your blog from my black berry but thats fine i will access it from my laptop by the end of the day.

    Satish(Kaushik) and Satish(Shah) both have lost a lot in terms of value addition and gained in terms of weight. Comedy is serious business and somehow Jab we met has both comedy and serious scenes well bonded together. To me the these days the comedies on Sab Tv seem more appealing. Sasural Genda phool on Star Plus is another favourite of mine.

    After a lot of hotch potch may I sign of by saying keep the blog going.

    PS Am I the first one to comment???????????????????


  2. hp says:

    Hello Sir, you have made it easier for me now that you have reviewed this movie…..guess it has saved me a couple of bucks….looking forward to your next review…regards

  3. SURI says:

    Aap ne diya aisa Tamacha….
    Shawl mein Jootha lapet ke,
    Yaad Rahe use Hamesha….
    Har agle Productin mein!

  4. Chengappa says:

    Vijay, Congrats on this new venture. I enjoyed reading your reviews. I am sure This will be one of the sought after bloggs for the movie buffs. Good luck

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