In an earlier blog post, I had mentioned about the three day weekend: today marks the fortieth anniversary of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said coming to power and ushering in the period of what is called Renaissance in Oman. Since this year, the date falls on a public holiday, today being a Friday, the government has issued a holiday announcement for tomorrow.

For me and my wife and son, this date is important for another personal reason: it was on this date, exactly a year back that I was given a fresh lease of life by Dr Vivek Jawali and his team who had done a quadruple bypass surgery for me. I can still vividly recall the tubes and the instruments surrounding me and the brave front that my wife had put up during the episode. Fervently praying all the time, keeping visitors at bay so that I did not catch any infection, in strong control of her emotions was my dear wife from whom I drew a lot of courage. At one level, I was not scared at all and I remember that when I was being admitted, I had walked in with my shorts and a Tee-shirt and the nurses were asking me the whereabouts of the patient. They perhaps had expected a feeble looking person with a pallid face ominously reflecting the gravity of the situation! At another level, though, I had visualized as to how my body would be kept in the house in the case of an unforeseen happening!

I recall there was a gap of four days between when my angiogram results came and the date scheduled for my surgery. Rather than staying in the hospital, I was advised to go home but under the condition that I would stay put at home and behave as though I was in a hospital. The day after we reached home after the angiogram study (but before the surgery was due), I picked up courage to ask my wife as to whether we could see a new movie NEW YORK which was running in a multiplex next to the hospital where my angiogram was done. My wife was perhaps moved by the timing of my request (could have been my last request!) and assented to this. I told her to arm herself with the medical reports before we left for the theatre and when she asked me the reason, I replied that if something untoward happened, she could take me straight to the next door hospital to get the needful done without any delay!

A year has passed off quickly and I am so thankful to all those around me and my friends and well wishers who helped me get back to virtual normalcy in a short period of time. I have become a little more disciplined in matters of food and drink and exercise, feel lighter and younger in the process and my work colleagues believe that my work pace has become brisker than ever before. Having become wiser after the event, I have tried to spread some knowledge about the do’s and don’ts in matters concerning the heart while I keep humming: Main Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhata Chal Gaya!

About The eternally happy Vijay

A cheerful person who loves watching and reviewing movies and indulges in random writings!
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17 Responses to JULY 23: AN IMPORTANT DATE

  1. Visk says:

    Congrats, Viji – on 12 months of disciplined but happy living. As you know, for Kamal & me this date is important for another reason: it’s Kaushik’s birthday.
    And (long overdue) congrats on entering the blogsphere.

    • Visk, nice hearing from you: apparently u have changed your mail idwithout informing me; no wonder you have not been responding to my earlier mails! And, birthday greetings to smart Kaushik from Lata and me! And when is your trip now planned?

  2. Karti says:

    Congrats Vijay, on successfully navigating through your first post-surgery year. You and Lata are an inspiration to those of us who have yet to be tested in our lives like you were. So we know who to turn to for tips, should, ‘heaven’ forbid, we need them.

  3. Karti Inamdar says:

    Congrats Vijay, on successfully navigating through your first post-surgery year. You and Lata are an inspiration to those of us who have yet to be tested in our lives like you were. So we know who to turn to for tips, should, ‘heaven’ forbid, we need them.

  4. Alamelu shivakumar says:

    When i was reading about ur trip to coimbatore i was wondering about your health. I am very happy that it is all behind you.

  5. Aditya Mathur says:

    A Wonderful & inspirational description of the day.
    Wishing you a long , healthy & HAPPY life….
    Warm Regards….Aditya

  6. Dear vijay,
    We are very happy to see you in good health today and we hope and pray that you continue to remain in the best of health always.Keep up to your discipline and lata’s care of course will bring better health to you always.Keep well and we hope the very best to you always .Tc:)

  7. Chengappa says:

    Very touching moment of your life. Indeed I can see a refreshed and energized Vijay. Wish you great times ahead. All the best.

  8. Kishore says:

    Hey Vijay,

    May you celebrate Renaissance of your block-free heart every year for the next 40 years and more. Here’s to your good health!

  9. Vijay Laghate says:

    Congratulations Vijay on your successful recovery ! Also to Lata!
    Its a pleasure to read your blogs.

  10. pradeep,bangalore says:

    Hi vijay
    Very happy to see you that you have fully recovered and back to normal.We wish to see the old vijay again who is fond of movies and food.You can not ditch me this time of your promise of going to a movie together during your stay at bangalore.
    good luck and see you at bangalore.

    • Hi Pradeep:
      We are not planning to come to Bangalore this time and so our going for a movie there will have to wait for sometime more! Thanks for your comments!

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