Endhiran: The Audio Launch

Holed up in our room and not being allowed to even step outside our door, because of the PIZCHIL and DHARA treatment which we are presently undergoing, we were most relieved to have been able to sit through for four hours yesterday evening glued to the TV. The programme which caught our interest was being aired on SUN TV and was about the launch last week of the audio of the new mega movie in Tamil: Endhiran. I had bought the audio CD three days back and considering that the music credits are with A R Rahman and the lyrics with Vairamuthu, it will be a best seller.
The programme featured the event which took place in Kuala Lumpur and since this was the first time an audio launch for an Indian movie was happening outside the country, it boasted of all the lead players in the movie. It was interesting to watch all of them coming on the main stage (the programme was ably compered by Vivek, whose “Rap” dialogues had us in splits) and talking about the movie and its making. Rajnikanth, devoid of all make-up and glamour, was the scene stealer with his remarks about how everytime he had to do a romantic scene with Aishwarya Rai in the movie, he imagined Amitabh’s presence loudly warning him: Khabardar! There was Shankar, the director and writer who talked about how he had dreamt of this project ten years back, but because of no one coming forward to finance it had to put it off till now. And this was possible when the media magnate of SUN TV and other TV and radio channels and the press media, Kalanithi Maran felt it prudent to produce this movie at a staggering budget of Rs. 160 crores, making it the most expensive movie till date in Indian cinema. Aishwarya was the only one who spoke in English (she had starred in Shankar’s earlier venture JEANS) and what a fluent speaker she was! Interspersed between the speeches were numerous advertisements for various products and services ranging from the humble applams to the largest eye care facility in India and of course, a number of complexion lightening creams and excellently performed dance sequences with Endhiran songs playing in the background. The advertisements were one too many and were perhaps already helping the wise businessman Kalanithi Maran to recoup part of his costs. Endhiran is the tale of a robot and promises to be an able and worthy successor to Rakesh Roshan’s hit KOI MIL GAYA in the genre of sci-fiction movies from India. Also in the audience were Dayanidhi Maran, Randy the photographer for this movie, Sabu Cyril the art director and Shriya, The actress who had paired opposite Rajni in Shankar’s earlier opus SIVAJI: THE BOSS.
The movie is being slated for a September release and will certainly be not worth a miss even if it is only to watch its technical marvel featuring the robot! I have deliberately not commented on the music itself: that will call for a separate write-up!

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