I have in the past watched a few movies about twice or thrice, but the gap between the viewings has always been a considerable period of time. The reasons have always varied from an utterly pedestrian purpose of fulfilling the requirements of a wager to intent of sharing my joy with my kith and kin to a genuine desire for me to relive the experience which I had when I had watched earlier. In the recent times, the list of the purposes has included a critical study of whether the passage of time and my changing tastes have had any bearing of how I felt when watching the same movie all over again. The Shammi Kapoor starrers BRAHMACHARI and TEESRI MANZIL fell in the first category; the Amitabh starrers SHOLAY and AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY (you can read about the latter in my next blogpost) came under the second category and AVATAR and JAWS belonged to the last category. The category where I watched the movie to study the effect of passage of time included movies like MUGHAL-E-AZAM and ANAND.
My wife was thus surprised when I expressed a desire to see Rajnikant’s latest extravaganza again in a span of a week. I told her that my reason was to assess as to how the Hindi-dubbed version would come across on the big screen. Past experience had shown that successful movies from the South when dubbed in Hindi would bite the dust; the only exception which I can remember is Mani Ratnam’s ROJA. A great part of the credit must surely go to the now famous A R Rahman’s musical creation in his debut venture. Honestly, I was sceptical about how Dr.Vaseegaran’s character, played by Rajnikant would be transplanted to a Hindi speaking audience.
Swanand Kirkire, who has established himself in Bollywood as a lyricist (His lyrics in 3 IDIOTS and LAGE RAHO MUNNABHAI have won him several awards) and a dialogue writer (His hard hitting dialogues in the Kareena starrer CHAMELI had caused ripples) is responsible for the translation of the Tamil lyrics and dialogues in THE ROBOT. Unfortunately, Swanand is severely constrained by having to do the job in a manner which facilitates the lip sync of the actors and thus ends up doing a transliteration rather than a real translation.
But, as I quickly realised, in a spectacular production like THE ROBOT, dialogues play a relatively small part. Beauty; stunts and spectacle; luscious scenery and the magic of Rajni’s presence transcend all barriers of language and since the movie is about science fiction, one cannot question the script writer if the script transcends logic as well! I have no doubt at all about this movie’s enormous appeal to all castes and creeds and to all age-groups and its potential to attract repeat watching. As far as the songs are concerned, one has to listen to them about half a dozen times and they will haunt you for a long time!
In my earlier take, I had overlooked mentioning about the superb choreography by Prabhu Deva and his entire team and the absolutely fluid dance moments of Aishwarya and her gorgeous costumes in the song and dance sequences. Shankar’s talent at visualising such a huge presentation is laudable; just as much credit must go to his having managed the efforts of hundreds of foreign technicians to convert that visualisation to as it appears on the screen. And of course, needless to say that were it not for an entrepreneur like Kalanidhi Maran, this theme would have remained Shankar’s dream.

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