It has been nearly four weeks since my last blog post and the longest period of time that I have been quiet since I started my blog. I intend offering no excuses, but the fact is that I have been feeling unusually tired in the last month. When queried a number of times by my dear friends as to whether I had stopped writing film reviews (and before I answered that was being besieged by further questioning as to the reasons thereof!), I had to tell each one of them repeatedly that I had not seen a movie for four weeks. I say repeatedly, because, no one quite seemed to believe that! A good well-wisher had then pointed out that he visits my blog site not merely for reviews, but also for all those writings about my travels to various places and my views on nothing in particular. I thought over what he had mentioned and felt that “nothing in particular” was perhaps synonymous with “everything in general” and decided that I will break my silence. And what can be a better way than wishing each of you and your near and dear a very Happy Festival of Lights and a great period of celebration, happiness and of course a large appetite for all the sweet goodies that have become to be associated with this grand festival.
The last month has surprisingly been a travel free month and began with the Navarathri festival and the visits to several households in the evenings to partake of the visual splendour of the arrangement of the dolls with several new themes being included (like the cricket ground with all the field placements and even miniature advertisement banners). And along with that, there was the ample spread of goodies to please the taste buds. The month will also be remembered by me for three music related events. One was a workshop held in the Indian Embassy on appreciation of Indian Classical Music by Dr Radha Bhaskar, whose effortless rendering of the various Ragas as demonstration pieces held everyone in awe. Later that night, we were treated to a nearly four hour Karnatic music recital by Gayatri Venkatraghavan and it appeared to me that just as much as the audience went into raptures on hearing her songs, she too seemed to go into a rapturous mood sensing the audience reaction. This event was organised by the Tyagaraja Gana Samiti in honour of that great Telugu composer, Tyagaraja: each one of his compositions, like many other Karnatic composers carries his name in the last stanza of the song. And to provide the icing on the cake, last week we had the brothers team of Srinivas and Rajesh holding us spell-bound by the display of their prowess on the Mandolin.
I was also witness to a sterling dance performance by Hema Malini and her two daughters. At 60 plus, she does not quite look like she did during her prime time on the screen, but she radiated grace and dignity in every step of hers and her face seemed to transmit that silent confidence that can come only from a true achiever. She came on the screen with a rather poor voice, an acting ability that could at best be termed as average, fell in love with her co-star who was already married, braved the societal pressures to marry him and parented two daughters through him, strongly subscribed to the no body display principle on the screen, pursued her passion for dance throughout her career, successfully groomed her daughters in the same dancing profession, and despite her first production venture being a total flop, has picked up courage not only to produce another movie but also direct it. And on top of it she has also been in Parliament; so is there any wonder as to why I admire her so much? And will you blame me if,on the previous night when I was walking with her on her way out from the dinner hall, I reminded her of the song from her starrer CHARAS and hummed the Good Night song to her: Kal Ki Haseen Mulaqat Ke Liye, Aaj Raat Ke Liye, Hum Tum Juda ho Jaate Hain, Achcha Chalo So Jaate Hain!
And then all the Diwali parties one after another, but without doubt, the one where I enjoyed myself the most was the one hosted yesterday by Anil Wadhwa and Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa, the Ambassador couple, he from Oman and she from Qatar, and what an epitome of charm, dignity, diplomacy and pleasantness this couple is! True Ambassadorial qualities, I must say!
Yesterday, we saw “The Social Network”, an excellent movie on Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the $25 Billion Facebook and today, as if to compensate for that the tremendously inane and insane “GOLMAAL 3”. Am still wondering whether I should elaborate my views separately on these!
Happy Diwali!

About The eternally happy Vijay

A cheerful person who loves watching and reviewing movies and indulges in random writings!
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1 Response to HAPPY DIWALI

  1. Sujata Saraf says:

    Hema M is not a patch on Lata Aunty… Happy Diwali to all three of you!!

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