One of the events which most of us in Muscat look forward to is the ANNAKOOT at the Krishna Temple. This tradition owes its origin to Srimad Bhagwatam and is quite literally a huge offering of sweets and other goodies to the Lord. The display of the 180 odd varieties of sweets and other food items in the main Temple Hall stretches to about 20 metres in length and about 7 to 8 metres across the width. The items are all cooked in the Temple kitchen and the display is easily the most stunning visual of food items that I have ever seen. After the offering and the prayers, this is then distributed to the thousands of ardent devotees who throng the temple to partake of the visual delight and also participate in the consumption!
The display in the temple happens during Janmashtami and during Diwali; today it was a double treat, since in the afternoon, as has been the tradition, since several decades, we were witness to a huge and visually appealing display of Annakoot at the residence of Sheikh Kanaksi Khimji, the only Sheikh of Indian origin in the entire Middle East. There were at laest thirty different types of sweets and I had no option to succumb to that delightful spread after the equally lavish spread for lunch. Made at home with the purest of ingredients and laced with an abundance of devotion and prayer, the taste of the items is divine (so what if one ends up consuming easily a thousand calories at lunch: such a feast does not happen every day!) and this clubbed with the legendary hospitality of Kanaksi and his wife, Kalpana Khimji, made it an unforgettable afternoon. That is the magic of ANNAKOOT!

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  1. NKK says:

    Your always welcome ! Specially people who love food 😉

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