Two blog posts within a gap of twelve hours is a certain indication of a celebratory frame of mind; it also is a give-away of the holiday mood that is prevalent here on account of the Eid Holidays!
Last week when I was in India, I picked up the inaugural issue of the Indian edition of FORTUNE, but found time only today to flip through that magazine. All inaugural issues are excellent and this one was no exception. And for the benefit of those who haven’t had an opportunity to lay their hands on this issue and for those who got this issue, read through it and managed to go through it while glossing over the bundle of stats and facts hidden in the issue, here is a selection of what was not known to me before and what caught my attention.
The world’s production of transistors in 2009 exceeded 10 quintillion. That figure by itself may not mean much, but if you consider that this is 250 times more than all of the grains of rice consumed in a year, one gets an idea of why our per capita consumption of transistors is more than grains of rice!! And if one were to add a commercial twist to this phenomenon, the article from which I have culled out this information also mentions that for the price of a grain of rice, a retail shopper can buy about 125,000 transistors!!!
Everyone knows that the Indian breed of Dollar millionaires is growing (more than 125,000 certainly), but the magazine reported that more than 150 private planes are in the process of being shipped to India next year. Be prepared to hear about air-traffic jams; conversations about road-traffic jmas will be passé!!
The number of tweets per day now has crossed 65 million. Siddharth Mallya, scion of the Mallya liquor empire and the Kingfisher Airlines business apparently has been trained well to understand reasons behind business failures. In one of his recent tweets, he has tweeted that an example of total business failure due to negligence is a pregnant prostitute!!
India generates about 30 to 40 million tonnes of solid waste annually and about 4.4 billion cubic metres of liquid waste sufficient to produce around 2000 megawatts of power. But entrepreneurs are complaining about the quality of the refuse (Garbage In, Garbage Out?); and people are talking about on-line garbage trading!!
During the three month festive season in India, which sees a spike in sales of consumer goods, LG loads about 350 trucks a day and these trucks cover a distance of 47 million kilometers during that period. And poorer the condition of the roads, greater the demand of tyres!!
Everyone has heard about Anil Agarwal’s VEDANTA, but it may not be known to many that Dr Naresh Trehan (of Escorts Heart Institute fame) plans to create MEDANTA, a Cleveland Clinic of the Far East! And at promised costs of 15-20% lower rates than what is prevalent today for similar quality of care, it will be music to the sick man’s ears!!
Anymore of this stuff and I am sure you folks would get bored: you shouldn’t consider it your misfortune to have come across this post, particularly since I owe the contents to FORTUNE!!

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