Happy 2011

The year 2011 is bound to start on an unique note, at least in the way we write the date: 1-1-11; such an instance would have occurred on New Year’s Day in 1911 and the next such occurrence would be on New Year’s Day in 2111. I am quite sure that I will not survive till that date and for those of you who share my feeling, it is best to usher in this New Year in a special way! A friend of mine had pointed out that for the same reason, 11th January, 1st November and 11th November would be special dates!
Like every other year, 2010 has also been a year with its share of pluses and minuses; happy moments entwined with sad and grave moments. As I progress chronologically, I find that the children of many of my friends have entered the marriageable age and therefore it came as no surprise to me that 2010 is an year in which I have attended the maximum number of marriages till now! And as if to balance out this good news, we have had to bid good-bye to some good souls and be mute witnesses to the chronological aging factor!
On the personal front, my happiness stemmed from the happenings on the professional front such as handsome business growth in tough conditions as also my having started my blog at http://www.nsvijayakumar.wordpress.com; my writings and reviews caused more hits to my blog than I could have ever imagined!
Travel took us to a few very interesting spots: it is difficult for me to decide as to which was the most memorable experience. It could be the brilliant glow worms of Waitomo or the waterfalls at Athirapally or the experience with the night watchman of Ribe or the fiords of South Island or the DMZ tunnel or the ingress of the tree roots in Siem Reap or perhaps the spectacular fireworks display on the occasion of the 40th National day celebrations at home.
On the filmy front, 2010 will stand out as an year in which Hritik gave his worst performance in KITES, but redeemed himself superbly in GUZAARISH; my vote for the best actress would go to Aishwarya for her stunning portrayal in GUZAARISH, although Vidya Balan’s performance in ISHQIYA would come quite close to it. Shankar-Ehsan-Loy’s songs for MY NAME IS KHAN are still melodious to listen to and PEEPLI LIVE would easily find the top position for the best movie. Shankar’s THE ROBOT will easily walk away with the outstanding special effects award and Salman’s DABANGG easily makes the grade for the best Masala Time-pass movie of 2010.
As for who titillates more, Munni or Sheela, I leave it for you to decide!!
Wish you all a very Happy and Healthy 2011!

About The eternally happy Vijay

A cheerful person who loves watching and reviewing movies and indulges in random writings!
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