One would think that READY is an unusual title for a Hindi movie; it turns out that a movie of the same title was made in Telugu last year and the Hindi READY is its remake. I had earlier on thought that this title was in keeping with Anees Bazmee’s (the director) fetish of having English language titles for his purported creations. This trend which started out in 2005 with NO ENTRY and continued with inanities like SINGH IS KING, WELCOME, SANDWICH, NO PROBLEM seems to have gathered momentum in 2011 with the release of THANK YOU and now READY.
Apart from the fact that the Telugu original had the same title and the movie was a hit, and also that it fell in line with Anees’s obsession with Anglicized titles, I wonder what could have been the motive for this title to have been chosen by the team. Could it be that the producers had the following questions in their minds once they knew as to which way the movie was headed? Let us go through these questions.
1. Is the audience READY to be fooled once again soon after the THANK YOU mishap?
2. Is the audience READY to take on trash after a series of fairly sensible multiplex oriented productions which gave a hope that Bollywood had begun treading on new ground?
3. Is the audience READY to digest crassness, loudness and vulgarity hidden in double entendre dialogues?
And they must have got positive answers and must have said to themselves: We will now be READY to reap the returns from this movie. And since Salman is in the movie, he can carry the movie on his broad shoulders!
But alas! Even Salman Khan is unable to come to the rescue despite all his gyrations and dance moments with his hands in the trouser pockets making obscene gestures. O! Salman what a fall from the DABANGG times! The photography is slipshod, the sets garish and the entire cast insists on shrieking throughout the movie. Asin Thottumkal, who made a decent debut in GHAJINI appears lack-lustre; one needs to compliment her on her courage to retain her difficult to pronounce surname in Bollywood.
The only redeeming feature seems to be the Character Dheela song with which the film opens and about which I had written in one of my earlier blog posts. The most fitting tribute which the theatre owners can pay to Anees Bazmee’s latest venture is to post a NO ENTRY board in the theatres where this movie is being screened!
RATING: 1 out of 5
June 4, 2011

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