2011 seems to be the year of sequels for both Hollywood and Bollywood. As many as ten Bollywood sequels are planned to be released in 2011 and BHEJA FRY 2 is the first of these to hit the screens. Hollywood promises about half a dozen sequels in 2011 of which Pirates and Hangover were the ones most recently released. The philosophy behind having sequels is to gain from the success of the predecessors and hope that the brand image of the character or sets of characters will ensure continued success for the sequels. Unfortunately the makers forget that in actual practice, the sequel’s success depends more on the script than the characters themselves. The result clearly is disappointment for the audiences and more so if the predecessor has set a high standard in its genre. The Munnabhai, Dhoom and Golmaal series have been notable exceptions in Bollywood and in Hollywood, the Godfather, Mission Impossible and the Harry Potter series have been notable successes.
BHEJA FRY 2 falls precisely into this trap and has only a fraction of the entertainment value offered by its worthy predecessor in 2007. Directed again by Sagar Ballary, the sequel features the loveable (and irritating at the same time!) Bharat Bhushan played by Vinay Pathak with great relish. CHALO DILLI, a few months back, also featured Vinay playing out a similar role, but in addition, that movie had an excellent script and a certain freshness to it. But here, in BHEJA FRY 2, despite Vinay playing his role well, the entire package fails to click. So we have a few laughs here and there, and acutely conscious of this, the director resorts to poor aping of mannerisms to raise a few more laughs.
The script is basically weak; Amol Gupte’s inclusion which perhaps was intended to bring some more interest on the contrary adds to the lacklustre feel. Amol is a fine actor and one feels sorry seeing him play such a role; Kay Kay Menon is at his usual best and as opposites, he and Vinay make a great team. Minisha Lamba has a minor role in which she does quite well, but the other characters make no impact whatsoever.
BHEJA FRY 2 has its bright spots: the scene in which Vinay gifts Minisha with a vase and the corresponding dialogue and the scene featuring the red undergarment of Kay Kay Menon make you feel that more such scenes would have made for a better movie. Perhaps Sagar Ballary was assisted in his first venture by a French film on the same theme; he does not seem to have any such inspirational source here. Were it not for the few scenes like the ones referred earlier, the audience would have said: HAMARA BHEJA FRY HO GAYA!
RATING: 2.5 out of 5
June 16th, 2011

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