First of all, an important fact: MURDER 2 is not a sequel to MURDER by any stretch of imagination. The title has been named so as to purely seek mileage from the success of MURDER. MURDER was a well made movie notwithstanding the fact that it was based on a Hollywood production and had good songs, although the songs also seem to have been inspired from other sources. The only common points between MURDER and MURDER 2 are that both come from the same Mahesh Bhatt backed production house and both star Emraan Hashmi in the lead role.
MURDER 2 has also been promoted as a titillating successor to MURDER. Unfortunately despite the skin show by the Sri Lankan model, Jacqueline, this does not happen and the steamy scenes get lost in the goriness of the theme and its presentation. The theme of a serial killer at large could have given ample opportunity for the director, Mohit Suri to weave a taut thriller, but he is badly let down by glaring incredulities. The director therefore relies on ‘shock and awe” tactics to hold the audience interest, but it produces feelings of revulsion rather than anything else.
Mahesh Bhatt has to be credited with bringing the theme of eunuchs to Indian cinema in a far more serious manner than had ever been portrayed hitherto: the earlier efforts had been strictly restricted to lampooning. His SADAK in 1991 featured Sadashiv Amrapurkar in an award winning role and in 1998 TAMANNA featured the thespian Paresh Raval in a heartwarming appearance. And now in MURDER 2, Prashant Narayanan, gets an opportunity to play a crucial role with outstanding impact.
Emraan Hashmi does his part with aplomb and I have seen him for the first time displaying an emotion other than what he is normally good at. Of course, he does get ample footage to display his hitherto well known talents and hard core fans of Emraan will not be disappointed. The others in the star cast have hardly any material role to play and therefore, sleep walk through their appearances.
The best part of MURDER 2 is the music, which is composed by four or five different persons and although, some of the songs give you a feeling that you have heard them before (from earlier Mahesh Bhatt productions), they still sound good to the ear. But, because of the overall feel of the movie, it would be better to listen to these as audio tracks.
And instead of the title MURDER 2, it would have been more appropriate to call the movie MURDER n, because there are n number of killings!!
RATING : 2 out of 5
July 8, 2011

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