I went to see Rohit Shetty’s SINGHAM after some hesitation because of what I had seen in the promos of this movie. I do not like to see gore on the screen, although I have liked some movies with a high GQ (Gore Quotient), like GHAJINI. Despite what I had seen in the promos, I was fairly confident that given Rohit Shetty’s attempts at comedy in the GOLMAAL series, perhaps the movie would have serious amount of comic overtones. It was rather foolish on my part, from the title SINGHAM, to assume that Rohit would attempt to make a comedy in which a piece of ham would sing!
Ajay Devgan, who plays the role of the angry, young, righteous and muscular Sub Inspector as Baji Rao Singham and Rohit Shetty, the director have a strong association. This started exactly two decades back, when both made their filmy debut in PHOOL AUR KANTE in which Ajay was the hero and Rohit was the assistant director. That movie was a hit and the association between the children of a famous stunt master and an equally famous fight composer of Bollywood was firmly cast. From the time Rohit graduated to being an independent director, he has made sure that all his seven movies till date have Ajay as the hero.
SINGHAM is a simple tale of good versus the bad and narrated in a manner that Bollywood had seen about two to three decades back. Bollywood had successfully graduated to presenting their characters in various shades of grey, far removed from the black and white images of heroes and villains; SINGHAM is therefore a retrograde venture from that viewpoint. And to minimize the impact of that impression, Rohit brings to the screen his favourite shots of jeeps and villains being hurled in the air with equal ease and Prakash Raj, whose presence as a villain with a comic touch is fast creating a unique position for himself. We recently saw Prakash Raj in a similar role in the Amitabh starrer, BHUDDAH HOGA TERRA BAAP and here too, in SINGHAM, he plays the same role.
SINGHAM is topical in that it is released at a time when India is flush with tales of corruption and will therefore be an unqualified hit with audiences lapping it up. The movie travels in extremely predictable directions and since all focus is on Ajay Devgan and Prakash Raj, the rest of the characters hardly make an impact. In fact, perhaps, Rohit too realized this and has tried to spruce this up and give it a little bit of Salman touch by introducing the DHINKA CHAKA ring tone at least half a dozen times.
Rohit may not have made the ham sing, but he is singing all the way to the bank!
July 29, 2011

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5 Responses to REVIEW: SINGHAM

  1. Chengappa says:


    After reading this I am planning to see this movie this eveing. Thanks for the input

  2. US says:

    I saw tamil version too… acted by Surya…anyways these guys are inspiration for people nearing 40. Really gives tension from wife to go to GYM….apart from our RICE PACK they need at least ONE PACK…rest 5 PACKS they compromise….when we point other Bollywood actress…haha…

    Your Language has a good blend of aesthetic treat delivered in simple ways traveling straight from heart to hand….all the very best for your future RITINGS.

  3. US says:

    Thanks Sir…US is Uma Shankar.

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