I was keenly awaiting the release of MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN for at least three reasons. The more prominent reason was that it featured Ali Zafar, the Pakistan based actor who had us totally charmed with his debut performance in TERE BIN LADEN; his timing and fluency added zest to that wonderful and racy script. The second reason was that I thought (mistakenly, as I now realize) that the same Ali Zafar had written and directed (his maiden effort) this movie. It turned out that while it was Ali Zafar who had written and directed the movie, it wasn’t the same Ali Zafar, but an Indian Ali Zafar from the Yash Chopra camp who was making his debut after having been an assistant director till now. The third and the least important reason was that the title sounded quite catchy, although it would have sounded just as catchy, if it had been titled as MERE BHAI KI BRIDE!
MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN from the Yash Raj stable begins on a very racy note and the first half moves at a brisk pace. In fact, I would like to draw a conclusion that movies which have their female protagonists playing aggressive and bindaas personalities create a blistering pace in the beginning. We saw that happening in the immensely likeable BAND BAAJA BAARAT last year (also from Yash Raj Films) and also in the less successful TANU WEDS MANU earlier this year; of course, JAB WE MET, in the same genre having female leads playing feisty roles was in a distinctive class, thanks to the spirited performances by Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor and the deftness of Imtiaz Ali’s direction.
MBKD is perhaps Katrina Kaif’s best performance till date. In the role of the feisty “Rock Star” with all the quirks, Katrina fills that role with zest and life; Ali Zafar continues the spontaneity and excellent timing from his TERE BIN LADEN effort. The weak link is the character played by Imran Khan; whether the chocolaty role was tailor-written for Imran or whether Imran cannot portray any other personality, I am unable to say in unambiguous manner.
Ali Zafar, the director, dilutes the impact of what could have been an interesting script by adding liberal doses of the USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) of the movies from Rajshri Productions in the second half and that is what causes the movie to lose its bearings. It is nice to have a goody-goody feel, but if it looks unreal, than it begins to have a cloying, syrupy texture. The music by Sohail Sen is quite peppy, but I wonder whether any of the songs will become chart busters.
MBKD has no fight sequences, no dances with pelvic thrusts, no cheap below the belt comical interludes and no serious drama. It has a very decently clothed Katrina despite her playing a Rock Star, a goody loveable Imran, excellent acting by the actor Ali Zafar and a convoluted story in the second half. But, it is still watchable, particularly the first half!
RATING: 3 out of 5

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