After a long, long time, Bollywood has come out with a production which can be called as a true intelligent comedy. Sagar Ballary, who had regaled us with BHEJA FRY, but had fried our Bhejas in his next attempt BHEJA FRY 2 (which was supposed to be a sequel, but sadly was not) is the director of HUM TUM SHABANA. And HUM TUM SHABANA proves that he is not a one-film-wonder director.
The basic theme of HUM TUM SHABANA centres around the competing efforts of two characters (Shreyas Talpade and Tusshar Kapoor) working in an event management company to attract the attention of a fashion parade contestant (Minisha Lamba); the post-interval session is all about the competing efforts of the buffoons to wangle out of her web. Conceptually, this sounds like good fodder for a full length comedy and Sagar Ballary laps up this opportunity with great relish.
Few actors have demonstrated a flair for coming up with seriously good comic performances in Bollywood; Vinay Pathak, the hero of BHEJA FRY, is one of them. Tusshar Kapoor and Shreyas Talpade’s efforts at raising laughs have thus far been seen in GOLMAAL and its successors and other films of the same genre. But their performance in HUM TUM SHABANA is easily their best performance till date. Their sense of timing is excellent and their one-liners (and the movie is loaded with these) and the accompanying actions keeps the audience in splits. Post-interval, the tempo picks up and if you do not come out of the theatre with abdominal gripes, because of the laughter deluge, I must seriously recommend you to get an abdominal scan without any further delay. If that does not reveal any abnormalities, I would seriously recommend a BHEJA Scan!
HUM TUM SHABANA has several other winning points in its favour. Madhur Bhandarkar, gets to play a cameo role (because of his obsession with fashion and fashion show themes) and creates a wonderful impact. Satish Kaushik, who has been a fully depreciated actor comedian springs back to form and Minisha Lamba looks exceedingly pretty and lissome. The music is not exactly haunting, but it is not unbearable either.
Nothing about this movie is amateurish and this indeed is a pleasant surprise.
The surprise element, however is in the way I have penned this review and I must thank my dear wife for her suggestion in this regard. She urged me not to deprive the viewers of some pleasurable moments by too critical a review. And hence I decided that I will pen this review by putting down the exact opposite of what I felt while watching this movie!! Hope this review has lightened the mood for you!!
RATING: 1 out of 5

About Vijay from Muscat

A cheerful person who loves watching and reviewing movies and indulges in random writings!
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  1. Visk says:

    Your rating gives you away, Viji. 1/5 is terribly harsh, and read with the review this is one of the funniest reviews you’ve written.



  2. Navneet Kasbekar says:

    I too feel 1/5 is not compatible with the high notes on acting and script and timing in dialogue delivery. Nevertheless, I liked the phrase ‘fully depreciated actor comedian springs ‘. Keep penning. It’s always a pleasure!!!

  3. Visk says:

    I always knew who wore the pants at the Viji home, and this confirms it. Carry on, folks!


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