Just as when one was beginning to feel good, if not proud about the crop of films by a new breed of directors in Bollywood, there is a catastrophic intervention in the form of a director who wants to take us back to the times when comedy meant dropping one’s pants or indulging in double entendre dialogues to cater to the front benchers. David Dhawan, the director of RASCALS, has directed more than thirty films of this genre. In each of such productions, some of which unfortunately have gone down in the record books as “hits”, David Dhawan has played around with vulgar references to the female anatomy, and his multiple hero star cast team landing in ludicrous situations in quick succession. This buffoonery, has managed to raise a few laughs, now and then, thanks to the one-liners and their being delivered with verve by the likes of Govinda, Salman Khan, Kader Khan, Chunky Pandey and Sanjay Dutt who all seem to be David’s favourites.
RASCALS (co-produced by Sanjay Dutt) also has the same formula and stars Sanjay Dutt , Ajay Devgun and Chunky Pandey along with Kangna Ranaut and Arjun Rampal. Both Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgun have a flair for comedy (the Munnabhai series and the Golmaal series), but even that is not enough to salvage the deep morass in which RASCALS gets into right from the very beginning. Yes, there are a few good one-liners, but the whole plot and execution is as incredulous as one can get. Hindi film buffs can perhaps recall a movie with a similar theme about two rascals brilliantly played by thespians Ashok Kumar and Pran in the 1972 production: VICTORIA NO. 203. This is just to illustrate that there is nothing wrong about the theme of RASCALS, but the flaw is in the ridiculous story and the screenplay which faithfully follows it.
RASCALS is a big let-down for both Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgun; Kangna Ranaut’s performance will be remembered more for her skimpy costumes showing a lot of skin as contrasted to her being portrayed as a skinny personality in her other movies!! Lisa Haydon, another character in the movie earns her spurs by body show; Arjun Rampal, as a guest artiste sleepwalks through his role.
I have spent a good deal of time wondering as to why this movie has been titled as RASCALS, when one could have given it a Hindi name: it then occurred to me that RASCALS was actually an acronym of REALLY ATROCIOUS: SICKENINGLY CRUDE AND LOUD STORYLINE! In consideration of that brilliant move by the makers of the movie, I have decided to give this movie one star more than what I would have given!
RATING: 1 out of 5
October 7, 2011

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1 Response to REVIEW: RASCALS

  1. L J Hatavu says:

    One did not expect anything new from Dhawan.Your expansion of RASCALS says it all

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