Wikipedia defines Force as an influence that causes an object to undergo a change in shape, speed or direction. I am not quite sure as to what Nishikant Kamat, the director of the Bollywood Production FORCE had in mind when naming the movie thus, but after seeing the movie, I can surmise that there could have been three reasons closely linked with the Wikipedia definition. In the movie, John Abraham, playing the cop, beats the thugs out of shape; there are numerous chase sequences involving the good guys chasing the bad guys and vice versa, indicative of speed, and the producer Vipul Shah would have felt that the muscle display would surely influence cinema buffs to rush in the direction of the screening theatres!
FORCE is a remake of the 2003 Tamil Hit KAAKA KAAKA; it was deftly directed by Gautam Menon, brilliantly enacted by Surya and had foot tapping music by Harris Jayaraj. The movie won quite a few awards that year and therefore it merits analysis as to why the Hindi remake is not as forceful as the Tamil original, despite having a competent director like Nishikant Kamat of Mumbai Meri Jaan fame and Harris Jayaraj composing the music.
FORCE begins well; in fact the opening shot of John Abraham clutching at a rock face reminds one of a similar shot in CLIFFHANGER. However the biggest letdown is John himself, for despite his six pack structure and handsome looks, he just does not emote. True, the character he plays is that of a tough cop who is emotionless, but even such a character needs to be emoted!! Surprisingly, the best performance comes from debutant Vidyut Jamwal in the role of the cold and ruthless villain; he certainly will win the best villain award for this year. Genelia is forever playing the effervescent bubbly genial girl and so perhaps script writers pen their scripts keeping this in mind; even her open expression of her desire in the movie to make love to the cop sounds childlike rather than adult.
One of the songs is based on one of the Tamil hits in the original version, but the rest of the numbers do not make a deep impression. In a movie whose story line is based on the same good versus bad formula, merely having a macho hero and a macho villain isn’t enough. You must also have a racy script which races faster than the thought processes of the viewers; the original KAAKA KAAKA scored and became successful because of this. And if one were to take an example from Bollywood, Aamir’s GHAJINI would be a good benchmark. Otherwise, the audiences will run in a direction away from the movie house at a speed which will cause the maker’s finances to go out of shape! It will be a FORCE of a different kind!
RATING: 2 out of 5
October 14, 2011

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