Considering that Shah Rukh Khan’s newest production has already broken records even before it has been released, I thought that it would be appropriate for me to write about this movie, before I have seen it. And since it would be inappropriate not to write about it after I have seen it, I have decided to title this as RA*ONE ONE and what I will write after I see it would be titled RA*ONE: TWO!
RA ONE can be credited with two achievements before its release. Both pertain to the money purported to be spent: one, in the making of the movie, said to be around $25 million and two, in the marketing of the movie, said to be around $10 million. The other important record seems to be the number of prints which are being made available for both national and international distribution, so as to be able to garner as much of an initial draw before reactions begin to influence the later viewers.
RA ONE’s marketing efforts, surely would go down in classical marketing text books as to how every possible method and medium has been used. Shah Rukh Khan has personally appeared in recent editions of blockbuster TV serials: Sa Re Ga Ma, Kaun Banega Crorepati, India’s Got Talent. And he has used every little opportunity to talk about RA ONE to the audiences. And then there have been games and toys featuring the characters. Chammak Challo, one of the touted songs (music by Vishal Shekhar) has also been positioned as a runaway hit, although the song itself does not deserve that. But then, the dance moves accompanying the song and the aura surrounding that have helped it to get to the top of the charts. Apart from the marketing of the movie to the audiences, Shah Rukh is also supposed to have recovered all his production costs through sale of rights.
RA ONE is also being simultaneously released in Telugu and Tamil; and with a single master stroke he has achieved an “advance booking” with Tamil audiences. ENTHIRAN, the Rajnikanth magnum opus of last year (released as ROBOT in the Hindi version) had a theme of the scientist Rajnikanth working on creating a humanoid robot, whose processing system is vitiated by the bad guy and how the scientist wages a war with his now-vitiated creation (also played by Rajnikanth). RA ONE has also a similar theme with the difference that the bad guy emerges from a game and Shah Rukh Khan playing the twin roles of a game creator and the character created (G ONE for Jeevan) to destroy the evil (RA ONE for Raavan). Because of the striking similarities of the theme, it was likely that Tamil audiences would have cold shouldered this movie. Foreseeing this likelihood, Shah Rukh, the brilliant strategist, roped in Rajnikanth to do a cameo role earlier in this month and the cameo role is that of the character played by Rajnikanth in ENTHIRAN. Thus he has got the movie “blessed” by Rajnikanth and crowds are sure to throng the cinema houses in all Tamil speaking areas to see Rajni in his role as Chitti, the Robot, if not to see Shah Rukh. No prizes for guessing who the winner is! Also, Shah Rukh, plays the role of a computer geek and game creator, Subramaniam, a personality that can be immediately identified with the thousands in the IT Corridors in the outskirts of Chennai. So there is a new audience that Shah Rukh has created, the IT geeks!
Some of the stunts in the movie, which one has seen in the promos, are like what one has seen in ROBOT; it is therefore strange that the censors were reluctant to certify the movie for universal exhibition. Shah Rukh would have lost out on a sizeable chunk of his target audience if that had happened; the censors finally seem to have relented but insisted on cautionary notes boldly placed in the beginning. And just in case, there were some fans of the Big B, who never thought highly of King Khan, Shah Rukh has introduced the Big B’s voice for a voice-over in the movie! Kareena looks ravishing in the promos, but we haven’t seen how “bad” Arjun Rampal will be. He better be truly “bad”, because he plays the evil character, RA ONE!
More about the movie in RA ONE TWO!
October 19th 2011

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