After watching AZAAN, I was in two minds: whether to write a review or not. And once I decided to write about it, I was in two minds: whether to focus on the lead actor (Sachin Joshi) or the director (Prashant Chadha). I had to go through several thought processes to find a solution and if only to garner some sympathy from you, dear readers, I thought it would be worth my while to share some of what crossed my mind.
If you are in the GUTKHA business, either as a consumer or as a participant in the supply chain or the distribution link, you would have heard of Jagdish Joshi of GOA GUTKHA (I wanted to add the word fame to complete the sentence, but here too, I was in two minds and after some thinking decided to drop it).
Gutkha Dad wanted to launch son Sachin Joshi into film world and did not want any constraint to come in the way. AZAAN, therefore is supposedly made on a budget of $ 15 million. And to make sure this money was spent, the movie has been shot in locales ranging from our humble Kolkata and Delhi to exotic locations in Paris, Hong Kong, Marrakech and Tangier in Morocco, Poland and Chechnya. I presume I will be pardoned if I have missed out mentioning a few more interesting locales. A few weeks back, I had mentioned about MAUSAM and its several locations, but AZAAN beats MAUSAM by a mile in this respect. In fact, the producers of KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI can have a series of quiz questions, the answers for all of which would be AZAAN! But those questions will come at the end.
Prashant Chaddha has only one flop to his credit, AAP KA SUROOR starring Himesh Reshamaiyya, but that is because that was the only movie he had directed before AZAAN. Now that number will go to two! Technically, AZAAN is a fine flick: the photography and the action sequences are very noteworthy. The theme of the movie also had immense potential for being crafted into a taut thriller. But, alas! Instead of that we are treated to the most improbable sequence of events that one has seen in recent times.
Time now for the KBC questions!
1. Which is the only Indian movie to have been shot in Chechnya?
2. Name a Bollywood movie (please exclude movies made in the silent era) in which the hero has the fewest number of words to speak.
3. Which is the first and only Indian movie to feature a sand designer as an important character?
4. What ..Oh! My God! The word count in this review has already touched 450 words and so I have time for just one more question! The last question: Which is the only Indian movie whose female lead artiste has adorned the pages of PLAYBOY?
Let me assure you that even the last bit of information is not good enough for one to watch the movie; a cheaper option may be to get hold of the April 2010 issue to get to know more about Candice Boucher, the South African model!
RATING: 1 out of 5

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