I am a ten year old boy. In this article for my school magazine, I will be writing on how I felt after seeing RA*ONE. My name is not KHAN and although I am mischievous, I am not a terrorist. I like seeing cartoons and movies which have heroes like Superman and Batman, because I imagine myself to be a super hero like these. A few weeks back, when in my school, my friends started bringing new toys like G*ONE and RA*ONE, I went home and asked my AMMA and APPA about this. They looked into each other’s eyes with joy and immediately switched on the TV. Thereafter, every five minutes, I could see ads for the movie RA*ONE and seeing my interest, my parents immediately booked for all three of us to see the movie. APPA even gave me a print out of a blog post called RA*ONE (ONE) which he said he had read and made me read it. I was very excited and wanted to see a good children’s movie; and this was going to be in 3 D as well! It therefore did not bother me when APPA and AMMA seemed to have an argument in the car with APPA praising the heroine called Kareena and AMMA was saying nicer things about the hero called Shah Rukh.
In the beginning, when the hero started talking in a funny accent supposedly spoken by Tamilians, I laughed. But later on, I thought that they were making fun and got angry. My APPA does not speak like that and he does not mix noodles and curd and he does not eat in a messy manner. Because the story was about a video game and how the bad guy becomes a real person, I began enjoying the movie. Also the music and special effects. I had seen such effects in Super Star Rajni’s ROBOT. I somehow liked that better. When Rajni Sir came on the screen, I clapped loudly!
AMMA seemed to be disturbed whenever she saw that APPA suddenly woke up whenever Kareena Aunty came on the screen. I also thought that the aunty looked beautiful, but I felt that the width of her saree was small. Of course, APPA never objected when AMMA put her head in front whenever Shah Rukh Uncle came on the screen. I also wondered at seeing his muscles. Even the villain, Arjun Uncle seemed to have super muscles. Both APPA and AMMA seemed to feel a little bored after the interval, and I could hear them softly grumbling about what they called “improbabilities”, but I did not see them yawn. They also seemed to be saying that perhaps too much money was spent. I did not understand when APPA remarked: If only Anubhav, the director had more Anubhav!
I did not understand why or what they meant, when in the movie, there was talk of condoms. I had seen only ads saying: Use condoms, avoid AIDS. Shah Rukh Uncle, I have to ask this question to you: When Ra*One comes to Mumbai, the city is celebrating Dassera; a little while later when the train crashes through VT station, we see Ganesha Visarjan procession! How is it possible when, every year Dassera comes after Ganesh Chaturthi? But, please do not make RA*ONE come alive in another movie, just to correct that!
MY RATING: 3.5 out of 5; MY APPA’S RATING: 2.5 out of 5
OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5

About The eternally happy Vijay

A cheerful person who loves watching and reviewing movies and indulges in random writings!
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3 Responses to REVIEW:RA*ONE (TWO) in THREE D

  1. Karti Inamdar says:

    Loved your review, Vijay. I thought that even 2.5 out of 5 was too generous, and that too without even seeing the movie. Well done.

  2. n.r.ramapriya says:

    The review by vijay kumar represented by his son Aditya makes it very humorous. probably the review could be better understood after seeing the movie. congrats for vijaykumar for a humorous naration

  3. Chiru says:

    LOL 🙂
    SRK got it completely wrong. His ambition to create an Indian Super Hero is dead!
    So there wont be a RA.TWO (or will there be?)

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