The best scene which I liked in Imtiaz Ali’s third directorial effort ROCKSTAR (after JAB WE MET and LOVE AAJ KAL) is the one in which the Late Shammi Kapoor, in his characteristic voice, mentions about the cage being too small for a “Bada Janwar (a big animal)”. The reference, in the movie, is to the latent talent of Janardhan Jhakar in the musical arena. But it could as well be a reference to the acting prowess of his grand nephew, Ranbir Kapoor, who essays the role of Janardhan Jhakar and the fluid transformation to Jordan, the Rock Star with such consummate skill that it is difficult for anyone to deny that Ranbir has the best acting talent amongst all the Kapoors. And can there be a better tribute than the Yahoo Legend taking a title of one of his hit movies JANWAR and appending BADA (Big) to it to address his grand nephew?
ROCKSTAR is about a tame and timid street singer and his transformation into an irreverent and errant rock star. And Ranbir Kapoor, in his finest performance to date, is truly remarkable. Whether it is in the display of awkwardness when initially proposing to Nargis (playing the role of Heer, a Stephanian) or an expression of irreverence and angst, Ranbir comes across as someone who fits the role like a glove. And quite in contrast to how his father, Rishi Kapoor wielded the guitar in KARZ, Ranbir handles the Gibson model as a professional performer! Nargis, as the debutant female lead is also quite convincing as someone who has a Bindaas streak in her personality; there are certainly a few shades of similarity in her character and Kareena Kapoor’s character crafted by Imtiaz Ali in his first creation JAB WE MET.
A R Rahman’s music coupled with Irshad Qamil’s lyrics and Mohit Chauhan’s vocals makes the ROCKSTAR album one of the finest in its genre and while it may not have melodious strains, it has as many as a dozen original tunes, a few of which have chart busting potential. CHAMMAK CHALLO has receded to the background in the wake of SADDA HAQ.
But despite the outstanding performance on the acting and the music front, ROCKSTAR fails to click as a whole. That is primarily because of the implausibility in several parts of the story. While this is a movie about “irreverent and illogical” behaviour of the lead artistes, Imtiaz Ali has unfortunately got so carried away by the need to continuously focus on these aspects, that the script fails to touch upon the other relationships. Because of this, the audience cannot feel the tragedy even in tragic circumstances; the more conservative members of the audience may even baulk at the prospect of the forbidden being attempted for no real reason. It could be argued that both the protagonists in the movie are not as much in love with each other as they are with the thought of doing something irreverently, but Imtiaz, the audience does not expect to be treated irreverently!
RATING: 2.5 out of 5

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