There are just two father son teams in the field of Bollywood film direction. Yash Chopra and his son Aditya Chopra have been associated with movies which have been critically acclaimed and commercially successful as well. The other family associated with film direction is the Sippy family: the Late G P Sippy, his son Ramesh Sippy and Ramesh’s son Rohan Sippy. A third father son duo has entered the scene with the release of DESI BOYZ, directed by debutant Rohit Dhawan, who is the son of the king of crude comedy, David Dhawan.
Thankfully, DESI BOYZ has no element of crudity and cheap humour. It also has minimal amount of female body display considered necessary for a movie based in UK, but liberal exposures of the upper halves of the two heroes, Akshay Kumar and John Abraham. For those of either sex, who get turned on by the sight of the bulging biceps and gleaming contours of the muscles of these two macho men, DESI BOYZ offers a visual treat. It is this aspect of their personality which causes them to be employable when recession causes a redundancy in the regular jobs they had been doing. The concept of these hunks securing alternative employment as male escorts is being tried out first time in Indian cinema. Despite these escorts positioning themselves as unique escorts (providing everything except sex!) to get the censors give it a Universal Rating, the Board has certified this movie to be viewed only by adults. Of course, what could have also prompted the censors to give this rating is to prevent the below eighteen college going kids to ask their teachers to shed a piece of their clothing for every correct answer provided by the kids! And at that tender age of under-eighteen, they might have even started a protest asking the authorities to get them teachers like Chitrangada Singh, who plays Akshay’s love interest!
Deepika Padukone, who plays John Abraham’s love interest continues her tryst with flops and Anupam Kher as her Dad makes no impact. Omi Vaidya of 3 IDIOTS fame is getting typecast as a clumsy guy with a pronunciation disability and does little to infuse life. The redeeming feature about DESI BOYZ is Akshay Kumar, who can, even in the most inane of scripts and stories, make an impactful performance, particularly if there is a comic slant to his role. Tempering the role with an understated performance seems to be his hallmark whether the role is that of a doting parent or a loving friend or a failed lover.
The title track is bound to be a hit, just as the track DESI GIRL was a hit in John Abraham’s DOSTANA, but you may be better off hearing this song outside the movie theatre!

RATING: 2 out of 5

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