Ekta Kapoor’s newest production THE DIRTY PICTURE is anything but dirty; in fact it turns out to be a clean presentation of the hideous insides of the travails of a well endowed (physically) of an ordinary girl who dreams of becoming big in tinsel world. The sordid details of behind the scene happenings in the lives of the personalities in the showbiz scenario was first attempted by Madhur Bhandarkar in CHANDNI BAR and he followed it with similar expositions of the fashion and corporate world (in FASHION and CORPORATE). But these focused so much on the negatives that those films were totally cloaked in gloomy colours.
THE DIRTY PICTURE, on the other hand, is more a tale of the protagonist, Silk and her journey, rather an indictment on the values of tinsel world. Nowhere does the movie make any lofty statements about the good and bad of the acts that happen. Nor does it make any value judgments. That precisely is the reason why this movie stands out as one of the very well crafted movies in recent times. The person who must get the maximum accolades for this is Rajat Arora, who has written the screenplay and also peppered it with some of the most powerful and humorous dialogues that one has seen in Bollywood.
Milan Luthria, the director (son of the famous director of yester years, Raj Khosla) and who wonderfully created the magic of the Bombay smuggling dons of the nineties last year in ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAI, does wonderfully well to recreate the garish settings of the Tamil Film world of the eighties to the last detail. The character sketching is uniformly sharp, be it the character of the ageing (but forever youthful on the screen) hero, played with panache by the thespian Naseeruddin Shah or the gossip loving film journalist played by Anju Mahendru or the idealist director played by Emran Hashmi (who happily takes a dig at himself often playing the role of the serial “kisser” in one of his lines). Of course, the sharpest character (drawn from the life of the siren of the southern screen, Silk Smitha) is the one, so brilliantly portrayed by Vidya Balan, that I will be most surprised if she does not get an award for the best actress. Whether it is in the display of her naivetĂ© or her ample body features, she breathes life into her character with ease and without an ounce of vulgarity. Vidya Balan is to THE DIRTY PICTURE what Ranbir Kapoor was to ROCKSTAR; both playing negatively tainted roles with relish; what let down the latter was that unlike in THE DIRTY PICTURE where every character is sharply etched and the story is realistic, ROCKSTAR focussed only on Ranbir’s character and stretched the tale into incredulous realms.
The song sung by Bappi Lahiri adds to the mood of the eighties and for all the pluses that the movie has, it is relatively easy to gloss over the imperfections in some aspects of the storyline and therefore there is no need to mention that!
RATING: 4 out of 5

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  1. Harish bilgi says:

    Couldn’ve agreed more. Yr review is nothing but my view too, yeah it will be rather unfortunate if vidya balan does not walk away with best actors prize/s for 2011.

    Fantastic review, if there is any vijaykumar fan club then includ

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