HAPPY 2012

Well folks, in a few days, we bid goodbye to 2011 and welcome 2012 with the usual cheer. I can already hear a few die-hard pessimists reminding me that according to some pre-historic calendar, the world would come to an end on December 21, 2012. Nevertheless, we still have a good 350 odd days to have fun; and God has been kind to give an extra day for celebration, since 2012 is a leap year!
I will remember 2011 for several reasons: India’s glorious World Cup victory to which I was a witness to in Mumbai; my setting foot on The Great Wall in China; the gorgeous operas and ballets at the newly opened Royal Opera House in Muscat; the eerie feeling in the Dachau concentration camp and of course, the welcome by KISS in Korea. And before you can let out a gasp, let me tell you that KISS stands for Korean Immigration Services, Seoul! Aditya, our son, has been busy handling assignments after assignments and Lata, as usual has been keeping the home front in good order; in between, she has also had her photographs taken with King Khan and the legendary sister team of Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhonsle. The weekly writings for the new weekly, FRIDAY GURGAON and the local newspaper MUSCAT DAILY have happily kept me engaged on the writing front; my previous post has a distilled version of what I liked in 2011 on the movie front.
We were saddened to bid good-bye to a few dear friends, who decided to move on to greener pastures in another world and were left consoling ourselves and others in the process. A few of our friends decided to hang their boots and stepped into the solace of blissful retirement; there were quite a few weddings for the children of our near and dear; and true to the cycle, there were delightful news snippets about the new arrivals and the birthday celebrations of the grandkids!
In the tinsel world of Bollywood, the passing away of thespians like Dev Anand, Shammi Kapoor and Jagjit Singh cast its share of gloom. And as if to make sure that the cloud of sadness does not hang for long, we had that phenomenon which brusquely pushed aside SADDA HAQ, which itself had done a similar thing to CHAMMAK CHALLO. Never before has a song sprung to the top of the hit list so soon after it has been publicly aired. While one can say that the song going viral can be attributed to the multiplying reach of social networking sites, the question that still begs to be answered is : Why this song? If you still are unable to decipher as to what song is being referred, then it is highly likely that you are a denizen from outer space or any other planet! That is the magic of the half Tamil half English rap number from the yet to be released movie, which has just as unusual a title: 3
KOLAVERI sung by Dhanush (Rajnikant’s son-in-law) who is an actor by his own right is less than six weeks old; it is composed by the youngster Anirudh and seems to have met with instant approval from all “soup boys”! But who knows, in this fast paced world, we could all be ushering in 2012 not with KOLAVERI but with Katrina Kaif’s CHIKNI CHAMELI! And that, any day would be better than listening to the prophesies of all the Cassandras for 2012!
Happy 2012 to you and your near and dear!

About The eternally happy Vijay

A cheerful person who loves watching and reviewing movies and indulges in random writings!
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