4084 (CHAALIS CHAURASI) is an unusual title for a movie and although a bit of the action takes place on board a vehicle bearing this registration number, the reason why it could have been chosen as the title is that it sounds funky. Actually, it is a tongue twister and this is not the only reason why this movie is running to empty houses within a few days of its release.
But this is not to say that there is nothing right about this movie. On the contrary, I would rate the performance of the four lead actors (Naseeruddin Shah, KayKay Menon, Ravi Kishan and Atul Kulkarni) as outstanding. Their timing and emoting is excellent despite the script, which has noble intentions of being taut (the film is just two hours long) but slows down every now and then to accommodate mass appeal interventions like item songs (unfortunately by non-item personalities!). If there had to be an item song, it should have been a number like “Chikni Chameli”!
We have seen two heist based movies recently: DON 2 and PLAYERS; and this is the third heist based movie in the last six weeks. While PLAYERS had better thrilling elements compared to DON 2, 4084 scores over these two solely on account of its entertainment value. The comedy is fresh; there is no buffoonery and although there are quite a few killings, there is no gore and the director Hriday Shetty remarkably maintains a light hearted tempo throughout. The dialogues are witty and so are the one-liners which are delivered deftly by the four lead actors. But for all these positives, we have strongly neutralizing features. For the typical Bollywood movie goer, the theme of crossing and double-crossing happens at a pace which leaves only the most careful watcher to appreciate the storyline despite its loopholes. Then, there is the absence of the heroine. And if that could be overlooked, we have the absence of a hero as well! Even good comedy presentations like 3 IDIOTS and the MUNNABHAI series had “star” attractions! Fourthly, the songs and the item numbers are lousy. Lastly, the movie has hardly had any publicity! But, because of that if you land up watching this movie, you will have no expectations and will not be disappointed!!
RATING: 2.5 out of 5

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