A good plot based on the theme of righteousness and revenge is good fodder for script writers to come out with good originals, remakes, sequels of originals and sequels of remakes. The success of the script writer depends on the suitable tweaking of the original to suit changing audience tastes and expectations, social mores and most importantly, the acting personalities. Karan Johar’s production AGNEEPATH, directed by debutante Karan Malhotra, has done just that and scores handsomely in the process.
The original AGNEEPATH of 1990 based itself on the poem of the same name by the Late Harvansh Rai Bachchan and dealt with the theme of righteousness and how one needs to tread on the path (Path is perhaps the only word which connotes the same meaning in both English and Hindi, although pronounced differently) of fire to seek justice; the aspect of revenge is incidental. In the new avatar, the movie focuses primarily on avenging the wrong-doers; the topic of righteousness takes a back seat. Given that, one would think that it would be impossible for anyone else to replicate the emotions of a revenge seeker as well as Amitabh Bachchan did in his National Award winning performance in the 1990 production. But this is where the new writers and Karan Malhotra have succeeded to suit Hritik Roshan’s strengths, both muscular and otherwise! Vijay Deenanath Chauhan of 1990 was soaked in anger; the pathos was almost hidden. In the 2012 version, the anger is hidden; the angst is what cloaks the character. And Hritik Roshan is able to convey the deep pathos just with his eyes. And since he does not have a rich voice, the writers have given Hritik very few words to speak, allowing the actor to show his acting prowess amply in dramatic situations and his ample muscles in the action sequences.
The new version also introduces us to a character Rauf Lala, played outstandingly by Rishi Kapoor who delivers his best ever performance till date. Sanjay Dutt as the menacing Kancha and the Gori complexioned Priyanka Chopra playing the role of Kaali (reminds one of her role in KAMINEY) are adequate. And of course, it is impossible to overlook the aggressive and vigorous movements performed by Katrina Kaif in the Laavni number, Chikni Chameli! Thanks to the Censor Board (because of a scene in the dance item of Chikni Chameli), we get to see the by-line “Cigarette Smoking is injurious to Health”; but if we had more custodians of “moral culture” in the Censor Board, we might have also had this by-line: Watching such dance movements can generate excessive body Heat!
AGNEEPATH however suffers, because there is just as much melodrama as we used to have in the seventies (example, son making dying statements on the lap of the mother); the movie is very, very long; there is too much Ghajini style gore and nearly all the main characters are dead when the credits begin to roll! Vijay has been the screen name for Amitabh in at least twenty of his movies and in quite a few of them, Vijay dies in the end, and has caused the cash registers to ring continuously. Therefore, there is little doubt, that Vijay, despite his dying in AGNEEPATH will bring rich box-office rewards to the makers! Jai Vijay!
RATING: 3.5 out of 5
January 27, 2012

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4 Responses to REVIEW: AGNEEPATH(2012)

  1. Vaishali says:

    Brilliant review Vijaysaab. Saw the movie myself & liked it immensely.

  2. Prateek Em says:

    That’s an excellent movie review. I totally agree with all the points and faults that you have pointed out. In fact, I have written a whole movie review of agneepath on my movie blog as well. You can read it here:

    I don’t know when filmmakers will get some logic into their films and not just make a movie for the money!

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