Kailash Kher’s rendering of the title song and his mouthing the song in a cameo role in the beginning of the movie gives a firm beginning to this low budget production, GALI GALI CHOR HAI (GGCH). The meaningful lyrics by Swanand Kirkire and the picturisation of the procession against the background of dusty lanes of Bhopal leaves the viewer with no doubt about what GGCH is supposed to be: a satire on corruption and how it embroils the aam janta (common man).
One of the finest satires on this topic was the Shyam Benegal directed WELL DONE ABBA released in 2010. Unfortunately, because of virtually no publicity and corruption not being such a hot topic as was the case when Anna Hazare was fasting the first time, the movie did not get to be watched by hordes of aam janta. One of the most important lessons that I have learnt in business decision making is that strategy covers not only what has to be done, but when it has to be done. If WELL DONE ABBA was titled as WELL DONE ANNA and released around the time Anna was at his prime, the movie would have been a hit! GGCH has a similar problem: it arrives after the ANNA climax is over.
It is not for that reason alone that GGCH looks like a dated production. It is because it places its fortunes on sagging actors who have all but disappeared from the silver screen. Despite excellent portrayals by the lead actor Akshaye Khanna, Satish Kaushik as his father, Annu Kapoor as the corrupt cop, their vintage seems to give the feeling that we are watching a nineties production. Anu Mallik being credited with the music aids in that feeling and if that wasn’t enough, we have Jagdeep also being thrown in a supposedly comic interlude. The female lead played by the Southern star Shriya Saran looks extremely fetching in her role; the paying guest played by Mughda Godse is an unnecessary distraction to the main theme. Looks like the director Rumi Jaffery, who has directed some very forgettable films in the past, suddenly felt that the texture and overall feel of the movie was outdated and decided that the best way to bring it to the current context would be to introduce the scandal seeking Veena Mallik in an item number. If there were to be an award for abundance of vulgar expression, this song would certainly be amongst the fore-runners.
The story line itself is not bad and the travails of a bank cashier over a supposedly stolen anachronistic table fan has been cleverly woven against the background of the all pervasive corruption. The dialogues too have a fair degree of witticisms and the shots of Bhopal capture the nuances of a town thriving well on corrupt fodder. With a little more publicity, GGCH will do well in the rural hinterland. Akshaye Khanna, whose only hit has been the multi starrer DIL CHAHTA HAI, appears in GGCH with a luxurious crop of hair on his pate, but neither that nor the skimpily clad Veena will move urban audiences to like this!
RATING: 2.5 out of 5
February 3rd, 2012

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