Where does one begin when one has to capture the essence of an evening which had all the alumni and the families who attended totally cloaked in the feel-good factor?
Perhaps, by looking back on what caused this feeling in the first place?
Probably, the all-important P factor?
And if we recall what Philip Kotler had mentioned in his seminary book on Marketing, all the 4 Ps of the Marketing Mix were addressed wholesomely: the Place (Mumtaz Mahal Banquet Hall) provided an outstanding ambience, the Pricing for the participation was just right and the Promotion was subtly done through the meaningful and motivating mails in the e-groups.
But the biggest success contributor was the Product itself and the way it was packaged!
Coincidentally, another P factor played an important role in the Product, Packaging and finally the Presentation! What was this P factor?
No particular order (have you observed, how unwittingly I seem to have used so many words beginning with P in this write-up?) has been followed in this listing; it is just as it has struck me.
Professor Samir Barua, the Director of IIMA and Professor Atanu Ghosh, the Dean of IIMA who made lucid presentations on the happenings in the Institute in the last fifty years and what the future held in store. Without their presence and participation, the get-together wouldn’t have had as much impact as it did.
Pravin Bhargava, who so ably managed to edit the nearly one hour movie material to a compact under twenty minutes visual experience. Pravin also oversaw the design and execution of the beautiful banner with the fine detailing of IIMA’s logo and the picturesque Louis Kahn Plaza in the background.
Prashant Kutaula, who organized for the interview of the visiting officials with the Press fraternity and who also facilitated the entire photography and video filming of the entire event without any cost for the alumni.
Pande Meghana, who regaled us with a lovely Geeta Dutt number.
Pande Vivek, whose narration of the Chetak poem and lively conducting of the raffle had everyone glued to their seats.
Parul Kelshikar who adeptly played out a couple of tunes on the keyboard.
Parul Karmakar who entertained us with a Bengali song and the haunting number from Jurm.
Parag Mathur, who managed the finances of the event in a very able manner.
Pradeep Koppikar, the chief orchestrator of the proceedings and who was primarily instrumental in getting the Director and the Dean to come to Muscat.
And there were two memorable contributions from two personalities whose names had the letter P in the middle: Deepak Srivastava, who spoke from the heart in a very moving way about nostalgic moments and the immense value IIMA had added to his career and Rupa Bose who transported us into a different realm altogether with her mellifluous rendering of songs. Deepak was also instrumental in selecting coffee table books on Oman which were given as gifts to the visiting officials; one of the books on Oman was also gifted to the IIMA library.
The “Product offering” also was substantially shaped by the M factor: Mumtaz Mahal (the dinner offering was extremely tasty) and the outstanding compering job done by the young couple, Sanjeev Madavi and Meenal Madavi. The originally planned product offering had also included a medley song presentation by me from the hits of 1961, the year in which IIMA was born, a spouse speak session by Srilata, a flute performance by Pradeep, a game designed by Meenal and a soulful number to have been sung by Sanjeev Madavi, but these had to be excluded in view of the late start of the programme on account of the fact that some of the participants could not reach on time.
The highlight of the evening was a very inspiring speech by the Chief Guest, His Excellency J S Mukul, Ambassador of India to the Sultanate of Oman, who highlighted ways and means on how IIMA Alumni could substantially contribute to the furthering of the Oman India relationship.
The gifts for the raffle draw were Siemens appliances, Moulinex blender, Pizza Hut vouchers, Khimji Mega Store Shopping voucher and LG Smart Phone (all sponsored by Khimji Ramdas) and a Huawei Smart Phone sponsored by NTS.
And when the programme concluded at midnight, there was a deep sense of satisfaction at the manner in which the IIMA Alumnii of Oman had celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the Alma Mater! And just as interesting as the event itself was the couple of meetings hosted by Pradeep Koppikar, Deepak and Roli Srivastava, Vivek and Mridula Pande, Vijay and Srilata for the planning and the detailing.
Cheers to the IIMA fraternity of Oman!!

About The eternally happy Vijay

A cheerful person who loves watching and reviewing movies and indulges in random writings!
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