EK MAIN AUR EK TU (EMAET) belongs to the genre of movies which are built around female lead artistes who are feisty, spunky and lucky (they meet the correct man in the end). However their box office fortunes are not as lucky, since by their very structure, these movies are targeted at a very narrow urban multiplex audience. However in cases where the female lead’s character is cloaked in the typical Indian middle class milieu, the character gets readily accepted and the spunkiness actually attracts audiences across a much larger cross-section. Two such movies of recent origin which were outstanding successes were JAB WE MET and BAND BAAJA BARAAT. TANU WEDS MANU didn’t succeed that well because there was more slackness than slickness!
EMAET has the right premise, lays the correct foundation and has Kareena Kapoor once again excelling in her role of the spunky urbanized girl. But here she is cloaked in Western traditions, having stayed in the West and as a result of this, she does not readily fall in love with the cherubic airs of Imran Khan. She talks of cute bums and is not a virgin. And though they spend a night on the same bed, they don’t make love! And yet, the audience will not lap this up readily. Contrast this with BAND BAAJA BARAAT, where the audience readily accepted the pre-marital love making between the lead actors, and the girl seriously tells the boy not to read too much into that happening! But in BBB, the heroine was a typical desi middle class urbanite; not a suave and sophisticated Western soaked Mem!
Karan Johar’s production of EMAET is directed well by Shakun Batra, but despite Kareena portraying her role realistically it becomes difficult for the audience to empathize with her character. Once such a thing happens, even the reasonably short (by Bollywood standards) movie appears a little stretched at times. The movie has some good tongue-in-cheek dialogues, honest performances by the rest of the star cast as well and an over-all pleasing texture. The story ends in an off-beat fashion and thankfully is well devoid of melodrama. One only wishes that the story was a little more believable, the songs a little more hummable, and the characters were more close to desi urban types. If such was to be the case, EMAET would have had the same zing as the movie from whose hit song, the title has been taken! That movie, KHEL KHEL MEIN also had spunky characters (singing numbers like KHULLAM KHULLA PYAAR KARENGE HUM TUM) and caused the makers to dance all the way to the bank!
RATING: 3 out of 5
February 14, 2012

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