A year back, I had seen a Tamil movie VINNAITHANDI VARUVAYA and had fallen in love with it. Despite the title being a tongue twister of sorts, it conveyed a beautiful and lyrical expression of love. Translated, the title meant: Will you cross the skies for me? The story was simple, narration straight forward and the twist in the tail provided freshness to a fairly ordinary tale.  A R Rahman’s compositions and Gautam Vasudev Menon’s sensitive direction, the scenic locales of Kerala and the portrayals by Silambarasan and Trisha contributed to the movie being a success.

It therefore was a big disappointment for me to sit through the purported Hindi remake EKK DEEWANA THA, where virtually everything contributes to its lackluster feel. Notwithstanding this, the first half of the movie is still watchable and the director could have done well to terminate the movie at the interval. Had that happened, I would have given the movie two and a half stars! Gautam Menon has a history of making good movies in Tamil which when remade in Hindi turn out to be disasters. His MINNALE was remade as the sloppy REHNA HAI TERE DIL MEIN and the racy KAKA KAKA was remade as the force lacking FORCE (although this was not directed by him). EKK DEEWANA THA successful completes the trilogy!!

Prateek Babbar’s character isn’t very real; added to that Prateek fails to bring to the screen the magic which happened in the Tamil original; his dialogue delivery is awful. I wonder why the British model Amy Jackson was called in to play the female lead; she is plain boring and her voice dubbing is another disaster. And unlike in the Tamil original which had captured the beautiful nuances of the girl falling in love with the boy over a period of time and the boy being overcome by instant passion and its gradual transformation to love, all that comes across in EKK DEEWANA THA is a display of infatuation. I do agree that love does not have to be rational, but even that irrational emotion has been pictured in a pedestrian manner.

To compound the misery, the beautiful ending in the Tamil original has been tweaked to supposedly make the ending a happy one (to suit Hindi audiences?) and that is where the movie falls flat. A R Rahman’s compositions are hardly musical; they would fall into the category of his some very forgettable compositions. And the title: “There was a mad man”; what a contrast to the ethereal feel provided by “Will you cross the skies for me?”

Gautam Vasudev Menon, no more Hindi remakes of your good Tamil originals, please!

RATING: 1.5 out of 5

February 19, 2012

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