There are several sets of prescriptions that one can follow to make disastrous films, which may or may not be films about disasters. The elements of one such prescription are detailed below along with examples. It must be noted that all these elements must be used in conjunction; otherwise a disastrous film is not guaranteed!
1. Use a proven flop star team as lead artistes: In recent times, the Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor team serves as an excellent example. Notwithstanding the wonderful chemistry that they display off-screen, for some unfathomable reason, they display hardly any chemistry (despite ample displays of the physical kind) when they come on screen. TASHAN and KURBAAN, their two previous on-screen efforts serve as good illustrations.
2. Ensure that the movie runs close to three hours: RA ONE and RAAVAN are recent examples.
3. Have a very inane or a very badly convoluted plot: DON 2 and RASCALS come to my mind.
4. Shoot in more than five different countries and have the story flit from one location to another: Pankaj Kapur’s MAUSAM is a good example of this.
5. Do not focus on sharp etching of the characters in the script: Gautam Menon’s recent EKK DEEWAN THA faithfully follows this rule.
Saif Ali Khan’s maiden production attempt, AGENT VINOD serves as a good example of a promising director Sriram Raghavan (who gave us reasonably thrilling fare in JOHNNY GADDAR) following all the above five rules faithfully. And the end-result is therefore exactly in line with the result of theses concoctions used in conjunction!!
In addition, we have needless and mindless attempts at maligning neighbours, background music which is jarring and loud and not one actor who seems passionate about his role. The only exception is the camel, but unfortunately, it gets bumped off soon after we first get to see it. As a thriller, even the pedestrian PLAYERS looks better than AGENT VINOD!
Does this mean that the movie has no plus points? There are two strong positives: the fine photography and the choice of the locations are worthy of mention (one of my colleagues mentioned that because of the extensive number of locations the hero travels to, the movie should have been named as TRAVEL AGENT VINOD!!!). The other plus pertains to the comic sequences involving Saif Ali Khan: one in which he mistakenly gives away his real name on interrogation and then quickly links it to AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY and the second one is where he makes faces at the camera. Wish there were more such sequences; we could have then called it a comedy! As it stands, AV stands for AGENT VINOD: AV also constitutes the first two letters of the word AVOIDABLE!

RATING: 1.5 out of 5
March 27, 2012

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A cheerful person who loves watching and reviewing movies and indulges in random writings!
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  1. hrbilgi says:

    U r indeed a courageous Man to hv sat thru for a 3 hr torture. However the review is apt

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