I do not recall any Bollywood production in recent times which intentionally had an adjective as its title and which like a true adjective was descriptive about the contents. I added the word “intentionally” because it has just struck me that last year we had a useless movie called FALTU which seemed to wholly convey the essence of this movie, but the title was used by the producer as an acronym for Fulchand and Lakirchand Trust University. It was therefore an unintentional coincidence that the movie’s title was a befitting description of the movie!!
TEZZ, the newest production under the Venus Movies banner, has been titled intentionally and fully lives up to that description. It is not just fast; it is super-fast. The only time the movie slows is in the beginning, where the introduction of the item number by Mallika Sherawat serves as a needless aberration in the otherwise extremely tautly filmed script. Three personalities have to be credited with the furious pace with which the movie navigates in the just over two hour length: Bollywood, Mollywood, Kollywood and Tollywood Director Priyadarshan and Hollywood Stunt Directors Peter Pedrero and Gareth Milne. The film rapidly moves from one stunt to another, from one chase to another and the editing is so dexterous (like in the recent hit KAHAANI), that it does not matter whether or not the theme is a little bit hackneyed or whether or not there are incredulities. Priyadarshan, best known in Bollywood for the typical HERA PHERI style remade comedies starring his favourite heroes like Akshaye Khanna, Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal, moves away from his previous branding and style and embraces the slick and cool ambience required in TEZZ and comes out a clean winner.
The customary song and dance sequences have been done away with (with the exception of the Laila number of Mallika Sherawat) and the two other songs (pleasantly tuned by Sajid- Wajid, although they sound like some old numbers of Nadeem Shravan) occupy little footage. Both Anil Kapoor and Ajay Devgn excel in the cat and mouse game and lending superb support is another outstanding performance by Boman Irani. Sameera Reddy has less to emote and more to appear unfazed in the hair raising stunts, which she carries on in a very creditable manner. Kangna Ranaut has a small role and Priyadarshan manages to extract a reasonable performance from the bland expressions laden Zayed Khan.
Nearly forty percent of the movie’s dialogues are in English; that could be one reason why the producers may not get an adequate return on the forty crores spent on the movie! But if the audience is looking for a two hour stretch of unadulterated action, TEZZ is a Poora Paisa Wasool venture!
RATING: 4 out of 5
April 27, 2012

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