The jury is out on the winner of the newly instituted award in Bollywood; apparently never in the past has there been a stronger degree of unanimity in the selection of the winner of a Bollywood award till date. It would also be easy to visualize the award giving scene in one of the numerous award giving ceremonies. “FRIENDS and F*****S”, the MC would say, “the newest award for a movie with the maximum usage of foul mouthed language goes to..”, and the MC would pause for effect and when the audience clams up in silence awaiting with bated breath, the MC in a dramatic manner would hurl himself to the other end of the stage, raise his voice and in a typical Bihari accent shout out,” Kyon khamosh ho gaye ho? Kya tumhari g…d phat gayi?. And to just ease the tension in the auditorium, the MC would laugh out wickedly and say: this special award goes to Anurag Kashyap’s magnum opus: THE GANGS OF WASSEYPUR. “And”, the MC would continue, “there is another award which this movie has won: this is for the most entertaining scene in a movie which has only one entertaining scene! And to help you relive this experience, we have the stellar performer Yashpal Sharma recreate the item boy magic out here!”.
THE GANGS OF WASSEYPUR is richly deserving of both these awards; but it would be grossly unfair not to mention the other features of this 4800 metres long presentation. Each of the characters looks and enacts in a manner that is truly representative of the coalfield mafia in the Dhanbad belt; the performances are indeed extremely arresting. Whether it is of the housewife or the mistress; the politician’s good for nothing son or the butcher; the pistol seller or the sole true loyalist of the hero, Anurag Kashap’s efforts to draw the characters and get his star cast to perform are outstanding.
But where he trips and slips is in the extremely convoluted form of storytelling and the unnecessary usage of violence and gore to drive home a point. Some of it would certainly have to be shown to be able to create the overall atmosphere, but Anurag ends up using a sledgehammer when a smaller tool could have just produced a similar effect. NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, a Oscar winner a couple of years back also grappled with the issue of violence on the US-Mexican border, had its share of gore and violence, but one didn’t feel repelled when watching the movie. Closer home, a director of Prakash Jha’s caliber would have conveyed the same story in a far more effective and less dehumanizing manner. If Anurag is still intent on the sequel with the same amount of butchering, he would do well to title that as THE BUTCHERS OF WASSEYPUR!
RATING: 2.5 out of 5
June 30, 2012

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