The Mahesh Bhatt production of 2003, JISM had a soulful number, “Awaarapan, Banjaraapan, Ek khala Hai Seene Mein”. One of the stanzas of this song had these lyrics: Jaane Yeh Kaisi Aag Lagi Hai,Issme Dhuan Na Chingari Hain (wonder what is the type of fire which has enveloped: a fire which has no smoke and no sparks). “Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai”: so sang Shreya Ghoshal in her award winning song from the same movie. JISM marked the debut of John Abraham who dared to bare his JISM in a manner not seen hitherto in Bollywood films. JISM 2, also from the Mahesh Bhatt stable seems to have a significant link with the 2003 production with all the above references of the 2003 film. Instead of the male debutant artiste, we have the porn star Sunny Leone making her debut with a lot of Jism exposure: unfortunately, because we have seen so much of Jism display by our own lead artistes, the Canadian’s Jism display doesn’t provide the shock-and-awe ammunition. The script is weak and wanders and is strikingly similar to the Awaarapan song lyrics and its real meaning: There is a feeling of emptiness in the heart. And the lyrics of the stanza referring to the fire which has no smoke and no sparks is truly reflective of how one feels about this movie. The Shreya Ghoshal number is also apt, though in its opposite meaning: Na To Jadu Hai, Na Koi Nasha! As a result of this, amongst the several sequels which we have seen this year, JISM 2 bears the closest linkage with its predecessor!!
JISM 2 has some beautiful shots of Sri Lanka; this perhaps is the only positive in this Pooja Bhatt directed venture apart from a few songs which pass muster. However, the songs have neither the poignant lyrics nor the melodic strains which one has begun to associate with at least one or two songs from Mahesh Bhatt movies. Sunny Leone seems to have been sufficiently trained in the rapid and heavy deep breathing techniques whether in a love making sequence or otherwise; despite her voluptuous personality, her expressions can at best be termed wooden and virtually passionless. I do not know whether this happens because of too much of acting in porn films. Randeep Hooda tries hard in a role which could have been developed with sharpness, but Arunoday Singh as the Indian Intelligence Officer and his boss played by Arif Zakaria are pathetic in their performances.
Pooja Bhatt should however be complimented on one unique feature about JISM 2. All the characters of the movie are dead (First time this is happening in a movie!) by the time the credits in the end begin to roll on the screen, and if you are a part of the audience, you would have been by then dying out of boredom!
RATING: 1 out of 5
August 3, 2012

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