With a running time of just 105 minutes, Shirish Kunder’s directorial venture JOKER is perhaps one of the shortest Hindi feature films in recent times. I would like this to be interpreted as a reflection of the director’s concern to minimize audience trauma once the viewer has walked in to see this movie. Of course, the viewer always has the option to walk out any time after the movie has begun, but considering that JOKER has Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha (who gave us an entertaining fare in ROWDY RATHORE) in the lead roles, the viewer could be pardoned for expecting that the movie would redeem itself sooner or later on. Unfortunately, as it transpires, the redemption happens only when the movie ends.
I would presume that Shirish Kunder, the writer (who also happens to be credited with the lyrics, editing and the background score) had wanted to create a satire as to how one has to resort to creating corny situations to draw the attention of politicians to the state of affairs in the fictitious village called Paglapur. By itself, this is an interesting idea and a good story and script writer could have woven a delightful comedy. Instead of that JOKER becomes a successful example of how banality can totally cloud and kill a wonderful idea.
The characterization is sketchy, the scripting and the story flow is ridiculous (even if the director wanted this to be made as a children’s movie) and the actors walk through the roles as if they were aware of how this movie was headed. Akshay Kumar and Shreyas Talpade, who are known for good comic timing come out with a totally lack luster performance, Asrani hams as usual and Sonakshi has hardly any role excepting to be next to Akshay at all times.
Sample these two jokes from the movie. The village master from Paglapur translates “Mera mazzaq mat udao” as ” Don’t fly my jokes!”. And “vomit umbrella” is “Ulti Chattri” which in turn stands for the dish antenna!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Is it, therefore, any surprise, that Shirish Kunder himself found the jokes so rotten that, he decided to title the movie as Joke (R), with the R in the parentheses standing for “rotten” and then decided to drop the parentheses to create JOKER as the title?
RATING: 1 out of 5
September 3rd, 2012

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