First things first. In addition to the statutory warning that comes on in the beginning of Vishesh Films’ and Foxstar Studio’s new release RAAZ 3 about Smoking being injurious to one’s health, there should have been a voluntary notification: There is no Raaz (secret) in Raaz 3!
Assuming that you have not missed this warning, one may be curious as to what the movie holds in store. But there is just one thing I am sure about: this movie has a lot of Awaaz (noise)! Noise caused by shrill shrieks of scared women, possessed women and the background music which attempts to compete with the first two. As a result, one’s auditory nerves are sure to be exposed to some risk.
RAAZ 3 has a theme about the supernatural and how a movie heroine invokes the evil powers to wreak revenge on the new entrant who seems to be easing her out. There is so much about the heroine’s plight and her larger than life view of herself that one could be pardoned for suggesting that a more appropriate title for this movie could have been HEROINE. But then, Madhur Bhandarkar, whose HEROINE is slated for release later in the month perhaps had beaten the Bhatt camp to register this title! To be fair to Bipasha, who plays the senior heroine, she does seriously attempt to play the role of the hurt character who is driven to perform extreme acts. She also looks stunning in her attire, or rather, in the lack of it. Emraan Hashmi, in the role of her lover, who switches loyalties to the new heroine, plays a mellowed down role and shows us that kissing is not his only forte.
But the rest of the cast, including Esha Gupta in the role of the star who replaces Bipasha are woefully inadequate. Added to that is the script and story line with so many gaps (even for a tale of spirits), that the movie begins to flounder from the very beginning. And then, the Bhatt production factory seems to cut costs by giving the entire film a very plastic feel; even the blood looks unreal. The scene in which Esha strips and flees from the attack of the cockroaches had potential to be a truly scary scene. Instead, it is just plain repulsive. Normally, a Mahesh Bhatt film is redeemed by a few good songs (remember their first RAAZ?), but here in RAAZ 3, the music is a big let-down too. The first RAAZ was fairly well-done, because it was a faithful copy of the Harrison Ford thriller WHAT LIES BENEATH, but there seems to have been no such inspirational source for RAAZ 3.
So, Mr Bhatt, trust you will not have any Aitraaz if I give this movie a one star rating!
RATING: 1 out of 5
September 8, 2012

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2 Responses to RAAZ 3

  1. Abhilash Yesodharan says:

    Super like this…

    Hope you remember me….had worked with Mr.Venkat in furniture division for 3 years.

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