The first word that is spoken in Madhur Bhandarkar’s HEROINE is “Bastard!”. Not a very pleasant way to start a movie, one may say, but the opening scene isn’t a pleasant one either. The scene is one in which, Kareena Kapoor, the heroine who plays the role of a film heroine in the movie HEROINE, gets thrown out of a car, mutters the B word and stutters to a police station. And from that moment onwards, there is hardly any scene in the movie which does not feature her. Playing the role of Mahi Arora, a top tier film actress, who finds it difficult to come to terms with what she construes as failure and helplessly watches herself drawn in the whirlpool of varying emotions like love, jealousy, anger, possessiveness, arrogance and helplessness, Kareena Kapoor ‘s performance is outstanding. Her presentations of imperfections in her character are nothing short of perfect. The last scene in which she apparently finds the clue to happiness ( I will not reveal as to whether a tragic ending causes this) is one which will stay in one’s mind for a long time.
The chief reason for the way this production has turned out is the way Madhur Bhandarkar has written the script (with able assistance of Niranjan Iyengar). He has managed to create a storyline and fashion situations which without appearing onerous, cause the lead actress to travel through a wide gamut of scenarios giving her ample opportunities to present different angles of quirkiness. In fact, the best moments are those where Madhur poignantly brings out the frail insides of that personality. It is easily Madhur’s best directorial effort too.
And to perhaps compensate for the enormous focus on the insides of his lead character, he makes sure that the audience is exposed to the amply exposed parts of his heroine. Thankfully, that does not distract from the main story telling part, although the song and dance sequences could have been happily done away with.
The rest of the star cast also deliver superbly and in a heroine dominated film, Arjun Rampal, Randeep Hooda, Ranveer Sheorey deliver an impactful performance. Even the stalwart Govind Namdeo, who plays the role of the heroine’s loyal secretary, makes his presence felt in a distinguished manner. Amongst the female supporting artistes, Helen is the only one who is impressive. The sharp characterization is one reason why these characters seem so well fitted in the script.
The only serious problem with HEROINE is its length; its song and dance numbers are the minor problems. Despite that, HEROINE is to be rated as a must-watch!
RATING: 4 out of 5
September 20th, 2012

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