We all knew that it was koming; and yet, when it kame, few kould have predicted the konquering of the minds and souls of the four thousand odd who had gathered in the Kurum Amphitheatre yesterday evening. Yes, I am referring to the K factor! And for the benefit of the few of those who managed to stay at the fringes of this phenomenon, let me begin by explaining that the K factor is a product of the efforts of three important entities and a hundred others who worked in unison tirelessly, hand in hand, to bring to Muscateers, a very unique musical Koncert. And these three entities (the presence of the letter K in their names is perhaps just a sheer coincidence!) are Kailash Kher, his musical troupe called Kailasa and the young, charming and ebullient Krupa Khimji of Mosaic Events who was the event organiser.

I am at a loss of words to describe in simple terms as to what this event was. It certainly was a platform for the audience to be exposed to the enormous range of Kailash Kher’s earthy voice; his effortless singing; his gentle swaying like the Sufi clerics; his “whirling” act for a short while; his enormous energy levels; his absolutely “down-to-earth” humorous interjections; his literally coming down to ground level to pay his obeisance to “Maa”, when he was rendering the number dedicated to motherhood and the scintillating orchestra in the background. But it was not just that; it was the way the entire event unfolded. First, the construct of the programme. It was just Kailash Kher and his troupe performing; no dances and no distractions; and it was a non-stop performance with no interval. That added enormously to the shaping of the event. Then there was the rather unique way of introducing the event by Krupa herself on the big screen, instead of the conventional MC who would look like a diminutive figure in that large amphitheatre. I had not seen this in Muscat before.  The seats in the VVIP and VIP areas were suitably embellished; the programme started on schedule; the main performers had arrived half-an-hour ahead of time and the orange cloaked ushers went about their job in a clinical, yet polite manner. Just as much credit must go to the colourful textures on the large screen in the background which added substantially to creating a lively atmosphere on the stage.

Kailash Kher sang a plethora of songs; some popular and some not so popular; but his rendering and his vocal range ensured that each song received a thunderous applause. And so were his laugh raising comments! The instance in which he wanted a few of the audience to come to the stage to join him and his remark “No aunties and kids please” had the audience in splits! It would be difficult to say whether Alla ke Bande or Teri Diwani made a better impact and after exchanging notes with him in person, earlier in the afternoon, I can only say: Kailashji, you are a true representative of Allah Ke Bande and we have become Tere Diwane!!

November 8th, 2012

About The eternally happy Vijay

A cheerful person who loves watching and reviewing movies and indulges in random writings!
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