2012 will go down in film history as the first year in which Bollywood has created two suspense laden masterpieces; and both these are worthy of being ranked amongst the leading movies of the world in this genre. Apart from the similarities in the overall structure, the common element in both these is the brilliant story line : with writers like Zoya Akthar, Sujoy Ghosh and Reema Kagti, one can say with a thumping certainty that the TALAASH for the perfect KAHAANI writers has ended!!
TALAASH has the stamp of all Aamir Khan productions; it is different and deftly made. And although Aamir did go through swimming lessons to do a few shots involving under water scenes in TALAASH and the promos proclaim him to be the lead actor, it is to the credit of the director, Reema Kagti that she has managed the presentation in a manner that no one else is overawed by the presence of Aamir in the same space. Apart from the construct of the story, full credit must go to Aamir himself for the way he has got under the skin of the character of a person who is unknowingly a victim of his own making. He can be stern without furrows in his forehead, can be irrational without being a boor and plain loveable when he breaks down in a scene towards the end. Nawazuddin Siddique scores in another intense performance; he is indeed an outstanding actor of our times. Kareena Kapoor excels in her role, although she could have been made “less pretty looking” to mesh seamlessly with the other brothel inmates! Rani Mukherji, in her deglamorized avataar is just as good and so is Shernaz Patel in the role of a person with different belief systems.
There are several other characters in TALAASH and Reema has managed to get each of them to act superbly. The score by Ram Sampath is in absolute sync with the theme and Javed Akthar’s lyrics effectively convey the various moods just as Mohanan’s camera captures the various hues of the seamier sides of Mumbai. That brings me to the similarities between Sujoy Ghosh’s KAHAANI and Reema Kagti’s TALAASH. Both are thrillers and manage to hold the viewers taut without the need for extensive chase and fight sequences. They do not rely on the “shock and awe” tactics to generate viewer involvement; their visuals may not be “attractive”, but are arresting. In KAHAANI, we had the lanes of Kolkatta; here, in TALAASH we have the lanes of the red-light district of Kamatipura in Mumbai. In both, the theme was about the lead character in “search” of “the hidden”. And the cops play an important part in both the movies. And of course, if one were to look for grades in their titles, both of them have three As!!!
RATING: 4.5 out of 5
November 29th, 2012

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