HAPPY 2013

HAPPY 2013
It does seem a little early for X’Mas and the New Year wishes, but considering that even in this age of high speed communication, it takes a few days for the wishes to be reciprocated, I felt that I must not deprive anyone of the opportunity to do that before the New Year actually begins! Another reason why I have chosen to send this message today is the uniqueness of today’s date: 12/12/12. The uniqueness does not lie in the fact that the date tallies with the month and year in the way a date is written; there have been eleven such occurrences in this century already. But it will be the last time in this century this will happen: the next such occurrence will be on January 1st 2101. And by that date, which is 88 years from now, my communications would have begun from another world. I cannot say with the same certainty about the whereabouts of the recipients of my messages since I just happened to read about the increasing number of centenarians and super centenarians in India whose population by 2050 is expected to be three times the number of such folks in China!! Of course, there is also progress which happens on the research front from the knowledge of which, we can look at prolonging our life span. In Okinawa prefecture of Japan, which has the highest density of centenarians, the following factors are believed to be responsible:
1. A diet that is heavy on grains, fish, and vegetables and light on meat, eggs, and dairy products.
2. Low-stress lifestyles, which are proven significantly less stressful than that of the mainland inhabitants of Japan.
3. A caring community, where older adults are not isolated and are taken better care of.
4. High levels of activity, where locals work until an older age than the average age in other countries, and more emphasis on activities like walking and gardening to keep active.
5. Spirituality, where a sense of purpose comes from involvement in spiritual matters and prayer eases the mind of stress and problems.
It may be easier to follow the above guidelines than the findings in Korea which showed that there was a high degree of positive correlation between castrated males and longevity beyond a hundred years!!
When 2012 began, there were the Cassandras who spoke about this being the year of doom and destruction for our civilization. But we had distractions of Dhanush’s KOLAVERI and Psy’s GANGNAM which lightened up matters. Thankfully, we have negotiated the ups and downs of AGNEEPATH with the help of a few donors like VICKY DONOR; fought and won battles against THE GANGS OF WASSEYPUR and ROWDY RATHORE; cracked jokes in ENGLISH VINGLISH featuring SON OF SARDAAR; heard the reviving roar of what was EK THA TIGER; ended the TALAASH for the perfect KAHAANI and are waiting to end the year with a big bang with DABANGG 2! And talking of DABANGG 2, the innovative marketing of Zandu Balm so astutely promoted in the item number of DABANGG is positioned well to be repeated in the Fevicol item number of the sequel!
2012 also will mark the end of the path breaking tenure of Ratan Tata as he bids “Tata” to his executive role in the Tata Group in a few days from now. If at all it could be called a blemish in his two decade effort at reshaping the monolith, it could be the Nano. Not because of the concept or how it was executed, but my marketing instinct tells me that Nano wasn’t the correct brand name. The reason: Na stands for No in Hindi and No stands for Na in English!! It is for Cyrus to decide whether he would like it to be rebranded as HAYES!!!
Wish you all a very happy “bonding” (not of the FEVICOL type) with your near and dear in 2013!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
Vijay, Lata and Aditya

About The eternally happy Vijay

A cheerful person who loves watching and reviewing movies and indulges in random writings!
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6 Responses to HAPPY 2013

  1. Bipin Vayada says:

    Thanks for your lovely Merry X’mas and Happy New Year.
    Today is my marriage anniversory, I have completed 35 Years of lovely marriage

  2. Padmini Ravi says:

    It is always nice to read your notes and this one is like icing on the cake. Thank you very much for your wishes and we wish you, Latha and Aditya to have a very cheerful, prosperous year 2013. Regards from Ravi, Surya n Padmini

  3. Asad says:

    Year 2013 too will have reason to be remembered as Bollywood celebrates its 100th anniversary and your pen writes more interesting reviews about its offings.
    Your interpretation about “Nano” was too creative, hope it reaches the brand custodians at TATA before they say TATA to it.
    Wish you too Merry X’mas & exciting 2013!

  4. Vijay Laghate says:

    Best Wishes for Happy &Healthy 2013 !

    By the way, ‘naano’ in gujarati means ‘small’. Which is similar to the technical meaning in English.
    So, the name may not hurt .
    Vijay Laghate

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