The credits of KHILADI 786 feature something which I have not seen before in the credits of any movie till date. Alongside the names of the persons credited with the production, direction, story and other facets of movie making, we have Vipin Reshammiya being credited with “Blessings”! Vipin is the father of Himesh Reshammiya who is associated with this movie as a producer, story writer, music director, lyric writer, singer and an actor. Kishore Kumar has had just as many facets of involvement in a movie, but because we are talking of Himesh, his dad must have felt that his blessings could partially aid in redeeming this movie! But to be fair to Himesh, the music of KHILADI 786 has proved to be popular, the songs which he has sung in his nasal tone have climbed steadily on the popularity charts and in comparison to the other actors in the movie, he does fare reasonably well; the lyrics are not as nonsensical as could have been; there have been far more stupid movie stories and since he is one of the producers, he has all reasons to feel good in the wake of this movie becoming a hundred crore club member.
Akshay Kumar, the hero of the KHILADI series (this is the eighth one) returns with this brand after a hiatus of twelve years perhaps to celebrate the new arrival in his family after a gap of ten years and has good reason to celebrate because he too is one of the producers. This is his fifth film in 2012 after HOUSEFULL 2, JOKER, ROWDY RATHORE and O MY GOD. No other actor has had five movie releases in this year. And barring the disaster that was JOKER, the box office has received him well. It is immaterial whether one calls his acting classless or for the masses: he generates box office moolah. KHILADI 786 is in the same genre as ROWDY RATHORE, but falls far short in all departments. True, the garish colours and loudness, the action sequences and the one-liners are to be seen as part of the effort to laugh at oneself, but there is only a limit to which we can get exposed to such fare. SON OF SARDAAR, a recent movie in the same genre handled the same recipe in a far more entertaining style.
Asin, in the female lead has nothing very much to do; in fact it is the other actors like Asin’s lover who manage to create a comical impact better than the main players. One of the KHILADI movies had a very apt title: MAIN KHILADI TU ANARI. The Khiladi was obviously referring to Akshay and the Anari was (not very obvious, though) referring to the audience. In the light of that the movie should have been titled MAIN KHILADI TU ANARI (8)!
RATING: 2 out of 5
December 11, 2012

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