Imtiaz Ali seems to have a deeply rooted unfulfilled desire in the field of running. Two of his earlier creations, Jab We Met and Rockstar both dealt with the same theme. In the former we had Kareena Kapoor wanting to run away from an arrangement and in the latter, we had Ranbir Kapoor wanting to run away from an established path to fame. The former was splashed by spontaneity and was a runaway success; the latter was splashed by numerous notes of unrealism and was suitably dealt with at the box-office. Both the movies had outstanding musical numbers which were seamlessly fitted in the flow of story telling.
In his latest venture, Imtiaz is back dealing with running;the theme this time is running away from the ghosts of the respective pasts of the lead actors. This is a very intense movie, superbly enacted by Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda and wonderfully crafted by Imtiaz. Make no mistakes: this movie is not meant to be an entertainer. Instead it is a tale of two individuals who are desperate to break free from their shackles and who find in each other, in a surprisingly understated manner, a commonality despite their very different backgrounds. The photography is also very good, but just see it to experience the deliberately slowly drawn out catharsis of the lead characters.

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1 Response to REVIEW : HIGHWAY

  1. Hemang says:

    Never thought about the running angle and imtiaz Ali before this review!!!

    Really good one sir!!!👍👍

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