Yesterday was International Women’s Day and without much of thought, I suggested to my dear wife and her sister that I would like to treat them to a movie. We went to the PVR cinema complex in the massive Orion Mall (in Bengaluru ). It was nearly a quarter past four and there was a show of the new Kangna Ranaut starrer QUEEN which was to have begun at ten past four. And there were tickets available for the show and we were ushered to our seats just when the credit titles had started.
In every which way one sees QUEEN, it comes out as a true tribute to the cause of upholding a woman’s self worth.
Whereas ENGLISH VINGLISH attempted a similar exercise for a married woman, QUEEN takes on the plight of a typical desi Punjabi kudi ditched by her fiancé a few days before her wedding. Everything about QUEEN is near perfect: the emoting of Kangna in the lead role in various situations, the fluidity with which the script moves, the perfect etching of the far from perfect characters and the lost looks of the typical male chauvinist played superbly by Rajkumar complement to create Bollywood’s second unmissable movie after HIGHWAY for 2014 till date
I only wished that there was better publicity for QUEEN, because neither the title nor the lead actors are box office attractions. Vikas Behl’s stock value as a director will certainly soar and the LONDON song will start off to be the new favourite at all the big fat and not so big and not so fat weddings!
Don’t miss it!

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A cheerful person who loves watching and reviewing movies and indulges in random writings!
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