My first post in 2015 is about the last film released in 2014.

This doesn’t come under the category of mainstream cinema and I will therefore not be surprised if it doesn’t get released in many places; I consider myself fortunate that I got to see this movie in Udaipur a couple of days back. Does my saying that I was fortunate to see Anurag Kashyap’s UGLY connote that it was a beautiful movie? Far from it, one could say! Easily, UGLY features more spoken profanities than one has ever heard in the recent history of Bollywood. And it is not this feature which places UGLY in a different class!

UGLY is raw, hard-hitting and focusses mostly on the ugly facades of human characters. Despite this, it grips you in a clasp from the very beginning, which though gut-wrenching, makes you succumb to the clasp rather than you wanting to fight free. At the centre of UGLY is a tale of child kidnapping and all the connected and peripheral characters, each of whom is drawn out meticulously and enacted brilliantly. The story, based on a real life incident is taut; the screenplay is tauter and the execution is outstanding. The twist in the tale adds to the shock and awe aspect of the movie, but is by no means the only highlight. Throughout the narration, Anurag Kashyap brings us face to face with several characters, each of whom serves as a grim but true portrait of the ugly side of human behavior. It is ironically, this fact, which makes out UGLY to be anything except entertaining.

Watch it only if you have an appetite for such stuff!

RATING: 4 out of 5

January 1, 2015

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