Although Badlapur is not a fictitious town, the reason why Sriram Raghavan’s crime thriller BADLAPUR is based in that town is that the storyline is centred around the theme of revenge (BADLA).

After the remarkably UGLY by Anurag Kashyap and the very taut and tidy BABY by Neeraj Pandey, BADLAPUR follows the same genre of thrillers in a manner which seems to indicate that crime story telling in Bollywood has become substantially refined. Well, there have been revenge stories galore which have dotted the Bollywood scene in the past, but they have always been diluted by star presence and digressions to cater to the commercial masses. And despite such cloaking, we have had great movies like ZANJEER and SHOLAY.

BADLAPUR, on the other hand sticks to the theme of BADLA right through and this is only one of the several reasons that elevates it to the above average group. The simplicity with which the complex nuances of the various characters are unveiled on the screen is surely a tribute to Sriram Raghavan. The hero (or the real villain?) named Raghav (I haven’t come across any earlier movie, where the protagonist shares his name with the director!!) is played by the chocolate faced Varun Dhawan (of Humpty Sharma fame). Varun tries hard and succeeds in bringing all of Raghav’s feelings alive on the screen: angst, sadism, anger, love. On the other hand Nawazuddin Siddique doesn’t try at all; he doesn’t have to. The smoothness with which he becomes Liak on the screen proves that he is one of the finest new gen actors. The script is tight and taut and a few of the songs (Music by Sachin Jigar) have already climbed to the top of the charts. And lastly, the twist in the tale in the tail end of the movie adds immense value to the story! This one, again, is not for the masses or for those seeking entertainment value. It is strictly meant for fans of serious crime drama.

RATING: 4 out of 5

February 21, 2015

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