2015 seems to be auguring well for revenge oriented themes in Bollywood. A few weeks back we were treated to Sriram Raghavan’s tightly knitted BADLAPUR. And now we have Navdeep Singh( who had a few years back crafted a thriller MANORAMA 6 FEET UNDER, which went down under without a trace, because of lack of publicity) returning with a Big Bang in NH 10.
Both have protagonists seeking revenge on account of their getting involved in accidents, but with one significant difference. In BADLAPUR, the time frame during which the revenge gets plotted is over a decade; the violence is covert and a psychotic streak runs through the revenge seeker. In NH 10, everything happens in the span of a few hours, the violence is overt and gory and the revenge seeker is consumed by mere rage and helplessness.
NH 10 is a terrifying account of happenings narrated in a terrific manner. It has twists and turns dotted throughout the length and grips you by your throat from the very beginning in a manner that has you holding your breath for long periods of time. Thus NH 10 is not just for any adult as has been certified by the Censor Board; it is only for the strong hearted. Adults who cannot bear this degree of tension for a little under two hours and who feel nauseated by gore are best advised to stay away. And yet, I would rank this as one of the finest movies in its genre and that too, not merely in Bollywood!
The combination of the superlative performances, the excellent editing and the realistic background of the story makes NH 10 a stark and dark chilling proposition. No, it is not a horror story: it is instead a realistic and graphic portrayal of the barbaric practices of honour killing as practised in the rural hinterland on the outskirts of Gurgaon, where the story initially begins. Anushka Sharma comes out with her best performance till date and will easily be a contender for the best actress of this year. She is ably supported by Neil Bhoopalam, who also emotes very well. This movie has no happy ending and you emerge from the cinema hall totally shaken up.
If you want to know how it feels to be in the midst of such happenings while being ensconced in the comfort of your cushioned seat; if you have no issues with your heart; if your stomach can bear the gut wrenching violence and if you are not looking for “and all is well in the end” stories, go for it. It should not be missed!

RATING: 4.5 out of 5

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