Shoojit Sircar ranks high amongst the new gen Bollywood directors. Ever since his second film, Vicky Donor hit the bull’s eye on being an innovative comedy and being a box office hit, I was earnestly hoping that this wasn’t a mere flash in the pan case. His next venture, Madras Cafe, wasn’t a box office hit, but was a remarkable movie which centred around the theme of moles in the IPKF operations in Sri Lanka and which later led to Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination. Madras Cafe was a taut thriller and thus proved Shoojit’s versatility. Despite this,I must confess that I wasn’t sure about how he would handle “potty” related matters in PIKU. My fears were, to say the least, grossly misplaced.

One of my dear friends, Nitin Chad, who has a wonderful way with words, had this to say about PIKU: one of the greatest MOTION pictures of all times! It is difficult to describe the movie in more succinct terms. Pardon me, if in the next few sentences, I elaborate on the MOTION part.

Although it is an English word with the literary definition of movement between two points of time, in the Indian context, and more particularly in a few states, this refers to the expulsion of waste matter. A more commonly understood version is when this term is prefixed by the word ‘Loose’ and I don’t have to waste further words to describe this waste!

To make a full length movie centred around an ageing hypochondriac who is perpetually obsessed about constipation and do it without raising a stink requires very special skills. And Shoojit seems to have that in plenty! The manner in which he beautifully captures the drama between the father and daughter (played out brilliantly by Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Padukone)has so much of warmth in it, that the potty matter actually recedes into the background. And when the versatile Irrfan joins in the proceedings, the interplay between the three characters, each of whom has a certain eccentricity, enlivens the drama with a touch of comedy and human feelings seen rarely in Bollywood. The music is thematic and fits perfectly into the mood woven by the movie.

So what if PIKU is about potty matters, it remains one of the best light hearted comedies in recent times. Just see it!
RATING: 4.5 out of 5

May 15, 2015

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