Zoya Akthar’s earlier directorial effort ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA had four As and two Ds in its title and her latest venture DIL DHADAKNE DO has two As and four Ds. If we were to take these letters to represent grades as given in colleges, this would pretty accurately sum up and reflect the overall rating of the movie! Did Zoya do this on purpose?

ZNBD was a breezy take on explorations of three friends set against the beautiful backdrop of Spain and its touristic sites and instantly appealed to the youth and old alike; Zoya led the viewer to get effortlessly into the characters and enjoy the proceedings vicariously. In DDD, she takes on a complex task of delving deep into the psyche of a dysfunctional family from Delhi. ( I have suddenly realized that I have used a number of words beginning with D in the last sentence: call it the DDD effect, if you like!)

Set against the background of a luxurious cruise holiday to celebrate the wedding anniversary of a couple wherein the chemistry has all but disappeared, Zoya dribbles along gently allowing us to take a peek behind the masks donned by the characters in the movie and faithfully reproduces the goings on in such communities, wherein the focus is always on putting up a wonderful, all is well façade, despite the deep disgruntlement that seems to pervade each character.

Each of the characters has delivered a stellar performance, but topping the list are Anil Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. Where the movie stumbles is the pace of execution (you can’t really blame Zoya, because, remember the characters are on a cruise and not on a jet skiing race!) and therefore the inordinate length. But each scene seemed necessary and therefore the question which strikes me is whether such a story should have been told in the form of a mini TV series rather than a motion picture. Other jarring points are the highly contrived ending and the commentary as spoken by the dog, Pluto Mehra. By virtue of the theme, this is not meant for viewers from all walks of life, and for the correct target audience, the commentary is superfluous and intrudes on the narration.

I don’t want to detail further as to why DDD gets just three stars!

RATING: 3 out of 5

June 8th 2015

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