DILWALE, starring the famous romantic pair of Shah Rukh and Kajol who created waves twenty years back, is a Red Chillies production. It is also co produced by Rohit Shetty, and both in their individual efforts and the joint effort (CHENNAI EXPRESS), these houses have delivered decent entertainers with no apologies about having large eyes on the Box Office. Nothing wrong in that; it makes them to be astute businessmen. Therefore one doesn’t go to watch such movies to expect great works of art or even plain unbridled entertainment.

Unfortunately, in the case of DILWALE, if you plan to watch it, you can expect nothing but disappointment and this holds even if you are a hard core SRK fan. When the title of the movie comes up on the screen in the very beginning, there is an image of a heart inside the letter D, to connote the expectedly hearty nature of the movie. But sadly, and I think the producers realised this when they completed the movie, that this one wouldn’t stand up for what is conveyed by a symbol of the heart and therefore decided to turn the heart on its side in the letter D! Thus, you needn’t sit through the full movie to realise that everything about this is  half hearted. I would have used the phrase quarter hearted, if there was a phrase like that!

Because you have Rohit Shetty directing this venture, stunts and flying cars come on as forcible intrusions, and because a good chunk of the budget has gone in that exercise, the sets look tacky and remind you of second rate films. The story and scripting is weak and this is compounded by sickening escapades of Johnny Lever and his tasteless mimicking of a Tamilian.

Kajol is charming and perhaps the only one who has put all her heart in this; SRK tries to hold the film together but is reasonably unsuccessful and the rest including Varun Dhawan, who began the year with a creditable performance in BADLAPUR cannot even past muster. Kriti Sanon, whose debut film and performance in HEROPANTI was a washout, proves that it was  not an accident. The film has a few interesting dialogues, but they are delivered in a listless manner. The GERUA song is good, filmed well and made me nostalgic about the very places where we had gone in the middle of the year. Gerua means an orangish pink colour and it is rumoured that BJP supporters will throng the movie houses to see whether it could become the party anthem line! And since there is less red than what is required to provide the spice of full fledged entertainment, I would like to suggest a name change of Red Chillies to Gerua Chillies!

RATING: 2 out of 5

December 19, 2015

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